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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pink Barbie House Rehab: Done!

This was the feature wall of the
bedroom upstairs.

Yuppers, that's right -- and it was actually done a few months back, but I allowed myself to focus on a couple more rehab houses... oops.

None the less, I wanted to make sure I updated with the final pictures of the dollhouse all done. I've been told since the family that was getting it for their little girl got it home that it has been the envy of not just her friends, but that mom and her adult friends would love it if their real homes were that nice! Soo, I'm taking that to mean they're all happy with it.  😌 Which for me means a lot, b/c I know if I would have had more time, I would've done more with it.

The rest of this is just going to be pictures of the house, if you care to make them bigger just click on them.

*My apologies but Blogger is still not working well with me when I try to put pictures in specific spots in my posts -- if anyone has tips I would LOVE to hear them!

Rom w/cloth wall covering.

Kitchen tiling in progress.
These were 1:12 floor tiles.
Bathroom finished with
stained glass rose window.

Closet with shoe boxes/
storage cubes.

What I would consider a
more modern parlor...


How the kitchen/dining area
ended up.

House interior before moving.
Only pic I got of the removable
second floor carpet.


Picture I got from her mom showing the
house set up & furnished.

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  1. I love the house; It turned out so cute! No wonder others are envious of it. The kitchen tiles are my favorite design! Can't wait to see and hear about the next/new rehabs you have going on too!
    -Lori K