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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sorry guys, know I've been missing for more than a few. Seems that I was good throughout winter and spring for not getting sick, but darned if summer and a/c hasn't laid me low for the last wk or so! On the bright side, Dayquil has been helping and I'm starting to feel slightly more human again. For now, all I can really update any of you on is that I've slowly but surely been getting all of my wallpaper finished up for the puzzle house. Also, decided that even though this is being done up in mostly paint and scrapbook paper and is meant to be for a friend with a small child... I still wanted the house to look like it had windows. I unfortunately live in a very rural area with no place to get transparencies from, HOWEVER I did realize that in such a small scale report covers work out just as nicely. So I did get windows cut and glued to the frames as well.

Truly as soon as I'm back to feeling 100% I will be uploading photos of this house finished, and then hopefully the Tiffani as well(still have a couple of little things I'm looking to finish up there.) Until tomorrow, know that I've missed all of you out there in bloglandia and I'm incredibly glad to be back!  :)