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Monday, July 23, 2012

It's all in the details...

At least that's what I've been telling myself all day. Decided to really do my best to finish up the cabin's fireplace and chimney today. For the piece of wood I had for the mantle -- I like the way it's turned out. Of course I then started taking a closer look at the actual fireplace, and realized that way back when someone painted the interior black and managed at the same time to get a good bit of that black paint on the rocks around the entrance. Unfortunately I couldn't get the paint off, so instead attempted to paint them back to a bit more natural look. They're certainly not great, but at the very least the colors on them should tie more solidly into the stones I'm painting in the clay for the chimney... So at least there is a bright side there.

Also, went back to verify there was nothing more to do with-in the Heather dollhouse. One thing I've been trying to do with each house I do for this raffle give-away is to paint in the Relay for Life symbol somewhere in each house. Hadn't done that yet for this house and so decided to go ahead and add it to the stair surround. It will be completed in a darker purple, though I think that will be complementary to the colors used in the room it will be located.

Have to say as houses go, I did get to try my hand at a few new techniques -- of which I not only enjoyed but am thankful. The staircase from scratch was the first first if you will. The second I got to try out was using cork shelf liner for flooring, which I have to say looks better than I initially thought it would. I also did a tile carpet in the bathroom which was new for me in miniature -- and I must admit I think the colors of that room are my favorite! It's a bright green, with a bit of "bling" to it on the walls. Then a white tile with copper threads swirled through surrounding the outer edges of the room with a blue, green, and copper tiled "rug" in the middle. Of course, it's also the first house I've papered the outside of to give the illusion of brick as well.

This house definitely turned out colorful, yet I think, harmonious. Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of both with the final details done and in place for you guys to see and if y'all don't mind critiquing -- it's always appreciated! Until tomorrow guys.  :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fireplace is coming along...

Slowly but surely that is. lol Had several rocks that had come loose on it, and it was missing some trim along the bottom. Thankfully was able to locate the rocks and glue them back in place, as well as make a new piece of trim for the bottom. The interior has been repainted a flat black and has some new cleaned up(in other words baked) twigs, that have been glued in place. Think I'm still going to put another coat of Mod Podge matte finish over the twigs and possibly some pastel dust in burnt umber, black, and grey to give the look of some ash. The fireplace has also been given a new mantle.  :)

Last thing to finish up on the cabin is the rest of the chimney. I must admit this is a first for me, so I am doing it as simply as I can and still hope to have it sturdy enough to hold up to little hands. Simply got the measurement I needed for the height and width, and cut a piece of foamboard for the interior above the fireplace and then also a couple of pieces for the exterior chimney. I've not glued these in place quite yet, as I intend to cover them with some clay made to look like yet more stone. I know there will be a definite difference in the look of this from what the fireplace was made with -- but at the moment, with what options I have available, I think it's the best bet!

Hoping to upload pics of the little cabin, and The Heather dollhouse tomorrow. Again, both of these are being donated to my local chapter of Relay for Life. I really liked this idea, as quite simply I live in an area with a depressed economy and most kids around here wouldn't have even a glimmer of hope getting something like this under their Christmas trees. So if these may help to bring a few smiles around that time, as well as raising money for Cancer research -- have to say it just seems like a win/win situation to me.

Hope all's been going well for everyone, until tomorrow folks!  :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Never done...

Seems to be the miniaturists plight, or at least this miniaturist! Every time I'm convinced I've really and truly finished with a project, something else comes to mind that would make it just THAT much better. In this case it was the log cabin project... Just really couldn't envision it without a fireplace. Thankfully I had an older stone fireplace that came with another house and  batch of furniture I came into a while ago. That house called the Walmer French Victorian by some or French Chateau by others doesn't appear to be a house I see myself installing a stone fireplace quite so rustic as the one I received with it. Thus, I'm going to finish it up and repair what needs fixing(it's missing it's mantle) and then see if I can't make up a quick chimney to go with it and really make it look like it's always been there.

Was trying to go for a truly old-fashioned look with this cabin, along with a few updates here and there. I chose to do a different roof for the interior like some I've seen on more modern cabin finishes. Just took some Greenleaf strip flooring and used it like planking for the ceiling. Still rustic, but a bit lighter and brighter with this finish. I really think the last addition of the fireplace and chimney and I'll quit being bothered that it's not quite right... Hopefully. lol

Anyways, going back to sort through my scrap wood and see if I can't find a probable mantle piece. Hope everyone's had a good one. Til tomorrow...  :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Been a long time gone!

At least from here that is... Between new jobs and the basic point that I've been struggling with some health issues for the last little bit -- I took a longer than I thought breather from posting here. While I may still be dealing with some of those issues, I dare say I should be back and will be hopefully posting some pictures with-in the next few days of projects I've been working on and having fun with.

First off was a kit called the Heather that was put out by HBS and RGT back in the 80's I believe. A cute little house that has 4 rooms and has been finished completely in regards to the build. Had fun with this house as it is the first time I've used brick paper on the exterior, and the first from scratch made staircase for me!  :) Thought it turned out pretty cute, and for a donation house I hope it makes some little one very happy round abouts Christmas time.

I also worked on an older kit by Duracraft called the Hickory Ridge Log Cabin. If anyone wants instant gratification -- this kit needs to be on your list. lol I can honestly say it went together for me in less than an hour... Of course being a bit of a twit, I kept looking at it and thinking I didn't like the interior of it -- looked too flat in my opinion, so took it apart and used an awl to give it a more 3 dimensional look. Have to say I like it much better now. Other point that I did change up about this kit was the door. They have it so that the support beams are on the outside, and quite honestly I couldn't see that being historically accurate(nor could my folks -- whom have both expressed very definite opinions on this one ;) ). So I simply put the beams on the interior side of the door instead. Simple doorknob on this one, as opposed to the accuracy of the latch into a j-hook with a cord hanging on the outside of the door... But again, donation house and I was trying to keep this one as child friendly as possibly -- didn't even put in a plexiglass window like I wanted to, thus if it goes to a younger child of either sex -- they aught to be able to really play with it.

Anyways, that's my updates in regards to houses I've completed. I did actually invest in a Creatin Contest kit this year and have finally taken it out of the box to really consider. Though I've also been spending my last couple of days trying to re-organize and make it easier for me to get to things.With my mobility becoming seemingly more limited as the days wear on, I want to know I can still access what I need to without troubling others so much.

Have also been looking at The Storybook Cottage by Greenleaf and thinking of finally getting to the point of turning it into a vintagey/retro-ish flower shop. Not completely sure but that seems to be the direction I'm leaning towards with that one... Guess we shall see.

Until tomorrow folks!  :)