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Saturday, September 29, 2012

One of those days...

Okay, one of those weeks, months, well you get the picture... lol I finally got all the shingles on the bungalow done. At least in being glued down. I think I mentioned that these are all homemade shingles, which shows a slightly larger grain on some, but it lends to the more rustic look of the outside. I can so easily imagine this little house in a beach side community somewhere. Aging, not necassarily so gracefully as the homeowners would wish -- but they keep doing fresh paint while other aspects of it show weathering as homes along the coast would.

I may be in trouble, as my not so local WalMart has now started carrying a much improved craft section -- now including Sculpey. Think I mentioned this previously, but they're now carrying the variety pack of colors as well. Believe it or not, the pricing is not bad either. I keep looking at my newly bought clay and wondering if I dare try to finally sculpt a little person to take pictures in some of the houses with...

Also, managed to come across some bags of scrap material -- some very decent for mini usage! $2.00 a  bag, I couldn't resist. One bag is all sorts of plain colors, the other however is full of fun holiday designed fabric for both the Christmas season as well as St. Patrick's day(with my notably red-hued hair, and freckles -- this is one of my faves!) Thinking I may well try to do a mini quilt soon as well. Though I have been having fun going through A LOT of books I got from the library in regards to making mini furniture. Think I'm very much one of those people I like to really research to get a good mental grasp of a concept before I'm willing to risk using the materials and screwing up so badly... Given a bit of screw up is good for learning, but I'd prefer as little as possible. lol

Anyways, in regards to the title of this entry -- I keep looking around and realizing just how many projects I have sitting about. While I hope to update with the next blog entry of the bungalow being done. I'm also starting on a Duracraft Farmhouse, of which a lot of pieces were missing from the kit I got. So have been out in the shop today marking on plywood a good number of the pieces I know I can make from scratch using the dimensions from the instructions list of parts. I thankfully have most of the siding other than 6 pieces of the longest needed -- may end up making those as well, but hoping I may find some somewhere on-line if I get lucky. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In other mini-related news, one of our local stores is changing from one store name to another -- and thankfully one of the store managers thought of me and my mini-endeavors. Their blind samples from I believe it's called Bally Blinds are being given to me once all their main blinds sell -- will also try to get pics of these as I get them. Some of this material is just fun!!!  =)

That's all I have to update on for now, but didn't want anyone to think I'd been sitting here idle. Meanwhile, hope everyone's mini work is going great -- going to go browse some other blogs to see what everyone else has been up to while I wait for dinner to get done. Have a good one!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not a whole lot to update...

Must admit to being a bit lazy today, kind of feels like trying to keep my eyes open after taking the newer anti-inflammatory is impossible. None the less, I have been working on shingling the bungalow -- never my most favorite section of a house. Don't get me wrong if you're in the mood to let your mind wander and still work, shingles are great. Just wasn't there for me today. Don't know if I had mentioned but the shingles on this house are all scratch made here at home. Really not hard to do at all, and I like the look of these -- a bit more rustic right off the bat. We'll see how the finished product turns out, but at the moment when I look at this little house I think it's my best one yet... It somehow puts me in the mood of a little bungalow on a cape somewhere. Makes me smile.

In other news I should get my shipment from HBS from their House of Miniatures sale tomorrow. I also have some molding in that order which I need to finish the living room of the bungalow. Have to admit I'm quite excited over that! Had also found an old American Girls Minis Illuma Room for $3.99 at the local Goodwill store. Haven't tried the power in it yet, but have my doubts it works -- simple reason being it looks like someone tried to take the box apart at the base. Probably just blew the transformer with it previously -- and in all honesty, not too big a deal. Think I'm going to do this into a sports themed football roombox for one of the few true guy friends I have. He's just recently bought his first house, and will also be having a birthday in a little bit... So, even though I'm definitely not a Steelers fan -- going to see what I can do since he happens to be a die hard fan. lol

Meanwhile, going to go attempt to do something so that I don't feel like this was such a wasted day for mini-making. Hope everyone's had a good one!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A visit back...

At least for me that is! When my niece Alyssa was still living nearby, was a fun past time to go out for walks and search for bits and pieces that could be used for her dollhouse from nature. I always enjoyed those little ventures, as I can only hope she did as well.

As I've still been shingling the Bungalow for donation I wanted something else to work on to feel like I was accomplishing a bit more... They're not instant gratification, but watching the grain come out after so much time spent sanding and poly-ing -- like no other!!!

 So, here are a few quick pictures to show what can be wrought from a walk through the woods with a beautiful child whom has always found wonder in the everyday course of life!  =)