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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trusting fate... as well as luck!

 This year started out rough for me as so many knew in regards to the loss of my boy Cory. From there however I had my grieving time, and I'd lie if I said I didn't still tear up ever so often when a memory hits -- but I now also have the pleasure of being mom to one of the quirkiest animals I think that has ever lived. A wonderfully cute lass who when she stands can put her paws on my shoulders and jumps nearly as high as I am tall... You get to witness those jumps when she's chasing butterflies and birds, yet will hide from bunnies. Truly she's just such a pleasure to be around and fills my heart daily!
 Anyways, in regards to the title of this post -- I shared this in the GL forums already and thought it high time I update here. Sorry I've been so lax in my posts of late -- going to really try to remember to update here!  :/ oops
 About a month ago I saw a craigslist ad for a house, and I was so struck by it.. It was listed for an amount I knew I couldn't afford -- but I e-mailed the person whom had it listed. Basic e-mail consisted of: This is a beautiful house, and while I can't offer you the money you're asking, if you are unable to find someone to help you out with this before your move I would love to finish/rehab this b/c I think it will be beautiful once completely finished and I would love to bring it to it's full glory. Fast forward to this last Weds. when surprise I got a reply e-mail! She stated she had had another interested party -- but that person was unable to find transportation for the house. She then stated she would like to give the house to me!!!
 I knew I couldn't make it up there on such short notice. Luckily I've a friend that lives not even three miles away and was willing to pick it up and hold it for me. As of 11am this morning --she picked it up, and sent me pictures. Going to share those with you guys as I've shared on Greenleaf's forum. Cannot even begin to share how very excited I am!!! 

Hope you all enjoy the eye candy as well!  :)