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Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick update

Just going to post a quick update that I have still been managing to work on the Victoria's Farmhouse(House of Hope.) I now have the exterior completely painted(3 coats) in a lovely mis-tint red I got from Wally World. In addition the kitchen has been wallpapered with a vintage farm style paper, the bottom is a red gingham look with the top border showing "vintage" kitchen appliances(funny part is I still use a percolating coffee pot!)

Anyhow, just got home from work not too long ago to realize that my streak of bad luck from last week is following me through to this week as well. Really ready for the tide to turn and things to start looking up.

Hope everyone's doing well.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Won't be on for a few days...

I wanted to update that I have been working on shingling, something that is mindless enough at the moment I won't mess it up. Have been scheduled for more hours this week at the bar, and will in all likelihood be away from home here for a funeral. Still very much reeling in shock at this point, and honestly don't have words at this point to share what is going through heart and head at the news my family received.

For those in your life that matter, let them know.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What you can do in a bed for a dollhouse build...

Yuppers, you all read that right! lol I went out to the shop to work on the House of Hope for a bit tonight, and after being out there realized that even with the heater going -- it was COLD! So I looked around to see what I could bring into the house to work on... and so I have the house's roof before me in bed with my cork backed steel ruler. I've been drawing on my shingle lines -- only thing I'm contemplating changing is the shingle color. I dyed the first 400 a Spanish Oak color -- the color itself isn't bad, but it seems to have dried spotty on a good number of them. Considering thinning some black paint with denatured alcohol and just making them a darker color -- if I do, I'll not thin the paint so much as what I would normally do. I want this stuff to really cover the spottiness of the dye job!  ;)

Hope tomorrow it may be a bit warmer to work on the main house body, and get some more walls painted for the exterior. Though I do have a birthday party to attend for my surrogate niece(she's turning 3,) and from there a "Haunted Trail" to attend to raise money for our local fire department. Have several friends working on this as those that are awaiting guests in the woods to scare, some of whom have a bet going they can scare the heck out of me... I doubt it'll happen, but it aught to be fun if nothing else!

So, until I may next log in here -- have a great one!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Couple days longer...

In other words it took me a couple days longer to get all of the first floors flooring done -- but it is now! The faux hardwood I did in the dining room I really like, I used an antique white color as opposed to the light brown or tan suggested in the tutorial I was following. Gives it a nice weathered wood appearance... Just goes with my idea of a farmhouse I guess. For the living room though I decided to do some parquet flooring.

In addition to getting all of the flooring done, I also have paint stripper on several of the walls. While there was nothing paint wise done to the interior of the house, the exterior had plenty of bad(in other words exceptionally ugly brown paint in various shades) paint over globs of glue. Sooo unfortunately have to strip some of that off before I paint it red. However, I did get the first two walls up, glued, and currently clamped in place. Besides that I also went ahead and cut out my roof supports as well as my porch roof pieces. I've seen one other person change the balcony to a porch roof, though I believe she bought RGT's porch addition -- which for those that can spend that kind of money, great idea. But for myself, since the house is a free rehab to begin with... just can't see spending over $100 on something I feel fairly confident I can do from scratch. So we'll see if I'm right or not on that! lol

For now not too much more to update you all on, so going to call it a night and see if I can force myself to sleep. Have a great one if you can!  :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Faux flooring in the making!

This will be a short post due to the matter I'm headed back out to the shop to continue working on the House of Hope. Wanted to make sure to update though on my progress. Got all of my floor in the dining room area scored, and went ahead and got the base layer of paint on -- then wiped off. Tomorrow I'll see if I can't get the stain on, and again wiped off to give the appearance of wood grain.

In addition I went ahead and used some of the tiles that I've used on the Petite Dreams house for the entrance hall floor. Not sure what color walls I'll do in that area yet, but I do like the tiles! If the hard wood effect works out in the dining area, I also intend to do that in the living room. Last but not least will be using some of the wood flooring from my Townhouse rehab to do the porch floor in. Though I intend to sand it down and paint it white in all likelihood... I may yet sand it down and just stain it for a more natural look -- but when I think of old red farmhouses, white porches/decks come to mind first!  :)

For now that's all, and giving everyone the heads up, as I will be bartending this weekend I may not post til late tomorrow and Saturday. Hope y'all have a grand day tomorrow!

Think I'm nuts!

Yes, you read that right! It's about 5:20am here and I'm just now getting in from being out in the shop working on the Victoria's Farmhouse. I've taken to thinking of it as The House of Hope currently. I managed to get that attic floor off last night, and then ended up taking the entire house apart. Mainly due to realizing that not only was the lower side wall glued in crooked, but several panels were glued in upside down... I found that part odd to say the very least!

Anyways, no eye candy for now because I got so caught up in taking everything apart. However, I have managed to strip paint and glue off of several of the panels. Primed a couple of walls to seal them that I will be putting in to change the actual room layout of the house. Also got out the disc sander and plugged that in to sand some of the pieces smooth on the edges... and so as to not just deconstruct today I also graphed out and laid the kitchen floor. I had an old set of faux slate flooring by Lawbre, so did the middle of my floor with that and then finished out the edge in the dark brown vinyl tile by Greenleaf that looks like marble(mainly because it will tie in with my counter color better.) All of the tiles have been glued in place, and the faux slate is already sealed! Would say tomorrow, but instead guess I'll have to say later today I should be able to grout that floor.

Only other bit of news with the house is I'm going to attempt faux hard wood flooring. With mdf I figure this is going to be an interesting journey, hopefully fairly simple to do. Tonight I did get my lines drawn out, and scored several of them to get a start. However, as I was finally starting to wind down and realize how much my back was aching -- decided to come in and update you all before I hit the sack. lol

Hope it's been a great one for everybody!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yuppers, you read that right -- I've done a bit of both today! On one of my niece's Christmas gifts it's been designs for flooring and figuring out if I'll have the luck/skill to pull off an in-laid veneer floor. Basically I think the main key is to remember patience, thus why I'm glad I've started as early as I have! lol

As for the destruction I'm trying today to focus my efforts on the Victoria's Farmhouse. I've now managed to remove every last trace of glue and paint from the roof sections as well as the attic floor. When I get done typing this I'll be headed back out to the shop to use the heat gun to remove that floor. Think if I can I'm going to attempt to do a faux wood floor(this kit is mdf.) Should prove interesting...

For now, hope everyone's having a good one and I'll see if I can't remember to post some eye candy in tomorrows blog entry!  :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Little bit of work on everything!

Had the day mostly free for minis -- so tried to do a little on everything! Finished painting my stucco in the Tiffani that I've done in a Tudor style... Was just too stark a contrast between all the beams and that white, so I've softened the look to more of an oatmeal color. Like it better because it also really shows the texture of the stucco better. In addition, finally grouted my chimney for my Victorian puzzle house. Working on pin hinging the doors(changed them out from what came with the kit and made my own.) The Petite Dreams house I started free-handing a zebra pattern on the playroom wall, but am not sure how I like it. I was told one of the little girls that will be playing with this house loves zebras, one loves monkeys, the rest all like kittens and horses. Got the horse themed room done(bedroom), a nursery styled with fairy tale images with the basic wall color of pink(crowd favorite for these gals), but the playroom I thought I'd do with a fun zebra print over the wall and then possibly some monkey pictures and other jungle animals on the other walls to make it cohesive... Just seems really busy to my eye at this point, and I've not even painted it yet! Think it's back to the drawing board for that room/house. On the Victorian Townhouse I did manage to get the electrical wires removed finally. Hated doing it, but have not been able to find Playscale lamps that could be electrified and look decent -- so have decide to just remove the outlets and wires, that way I can get down to really refinishing both inside and out. Last but not least -- on the Victoria's Farmhouse, got the roof completely apart and all old glue removed. Have drawn in my guidelines for shingling, though I do need to figure out what color I'm going to stain the shingles yet. Do have a red picked out for the body and some cream for the window trim, not sure yet if I'm going to keep the shutters on or leave them off...

Have also set up a meeting for Wednesday night with the county commissioner for our Relay for Life program(where I'm hoping the Victoria's Farmhouse will go to.) He and I are to discuss raffle options and where to have pictures taken for fliers if they want them made, and also if the local businesses will be willing to display in their windows throughout the holiday season to build interest in it... They don't often have too much to fund raise with in the winter, and it seems this is being looked upon as a great opportunity. Just feels very much like it should be a win/win situation -- this is a very depressed area, so a child that would probably never know the pleasure of owning a dollhouse like this will be treated to a great surprise for Christmas, and hopefully some decent money is raised to help fund research etc...

Til tomorrow, I'm going to go work on the niece's project -- it's progressed to being more of a showy piece than what I originally figured on doing for her. But I'd really like to think of her being able to grow up with it, and when she's an adult still look at it and know it was built with oodles of love for her. Not sharing any of the real details on it til after Christmas though... don't want to ruin the surprise in any way for her.  ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Creative genius... kind of

Basically meaning I've had some great flooring ideas today, but my exactness is kicking in that I want everything "just so."  You wouldn't think a design that is basic geometric shapes would be so exacting, but darned if having one line even a 16th of an inch off doesn't just throw it all out of whack... So yeah, I've been drawing lines -- occasionally over and over, but I think I have at least one design done... Three more to do at least tonight.

Oh, and to let you all know I think I'm going to attempt at least one of these designs as an inlaid floor(cross your fingers I don't mess it up!) lol

Til tomorrow, hope everyone's having a great one.  :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Getting used to some changes here with the new Blogger layout, not so sure I like it yet -- but figure it's better if I get used to it rather than fight with it. Been working on getting the last of my shingles painted on the Victorian Puzzle House. This will be a gift to a friend, and I believe I've mentioned the theme was to incorporate her favorite colors -- black, red, and purple... It's definitely an interesting look to say the least! Anyways, once they are dry I'll have the chimney glued on and the porches and should be officially done. One down -- and I'll try to remember to get pics uploaded both here and in my GL gallery.  :)

Also, had removed all of the shingles from the Victoria's Farmhouse(found a splinter today that's been there since I did that, oops) but still needed to get the glue from them off. Found a wallpaper removing gel called DIF, spray it on let it sit for 20 mins and you can scrape the glue off like nothing! Loved using it, and have started making my lines for new shingles. I also have replicated a rear roof piece as that was missing. In addition to the rear roof, one of the room dividers was broken by the doorway... So that got me to thinking I could make a new one of those from my 3/8" plywood. Then of course I realized that while the difference wouldn't be overtly noticeable to most -- well, it'd drive me nuts looking at one wall in one section be thinner than the rest of the interior walls. So yeah, I made new dividers for each floor and then made a couple extra for the simple matter I want some defined areas. I like the changes, as this way I'll be able to have a door into the bathroom and one into a bedroom, without having to go through one to get to another.

Also, I have a meeting set to set up this week with the county commissioner for our Relay for Life program. Had mentioned the possibility of donating a dollhouse to help raise funds for this, and with Christmas coming up we both thought now would be a good time. Sooo, hoping we can work all the kinks out and I can kick it into gear in getting this dollhouse rehabbed and looking good. I've already got a kitchen set I originally bought with my niece's Laurel in mind last Christmas, but it was a bit large for her kitchen -- thinking it may fit well into this house however. Also have a Chrysonbon(sp?) bathroom set for it, and am going to see what other kit furniture I may be able to use. Have that living room set from the estate sale as well... Don't know if I should try to completely furnish it, or if it would be better to leave some rooms for the family that may win the raffle for it to furnish. Any thoughts?

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm baaack!!!

Lucked into a couple of different stoves...
Hopefully I really am this time, with no more hospital visits or anything such as that! Last couple of months I know I've been really quiet on the mini front, both here and the GL forum -- so am going to try and update what I have managed in the last couple of months... both on the mini front and the RL side. lol  Started bartending again as a side job to make some extra pocket money for minis -- mainly because it seems my collection keeps growing.

as well as a couple of different fireplaces!
As of this last weekend I not only went to my first estate sale for the express purpose of miniatures, but I was also blessed in the house department too... Have to share the story of course! lol I normally keep my eye on Craigslist and Freecycle for any dollhouses or kits that may come up and be a good deal, as well as ebay, and a couple of other sites. Anyways, a post appeared stating "Large dollhouse vandalized by neighbor child - $50." I emailed the woman and mentioned to her that I build dollhouses and have taken to rehabbing some for charity purposes. While she couldn't tell me what model it was, she did say if I could make it up to take a look I could have it free if I wanted it, she just needed it out of her house. Got there and realized it was a RGT Victoria's Farmhouse! Yeah, I got excited because I love the layout of this with the side opening access panel. It was put together kind of shoddily(ex. walls were glued crooked, bad paint, and a hideous job shingling) but on the bright side, I think it should be easy enough to get past all that.

The white chair is signed and dated.

Figured though if I'd be driving the distance to see the house, that I wanted to make the trip worth my while -- and realized this estate sale(also a Craigslist find) would be right on the way... I think that house was like my miniature nirvana last weekend -- floor to ceiling minis, and boy did I ever drool! lol I did take some pics and thought I'd upload throughout this post for your viewing pleasure.  =)

In addition to these I have a cousin whom I was unaware was into dollhouse building as well. After finding him on Facebook when we discovered the similar interest he told me he was downsizing his kit collection, and then gave me first dibs on a couple of kits so that he could more easily work on what he's got... Not like I really need any more but I've always loved the look of old houses and painted ladies, and one of his kits definitely screams that! It's called the Golden Gate View by American Craft Products. I truly love the look of this kit!!!  In addition to this I will also be receiving the Lily by GreenLeaf, also another house that I love the look of.

Basically what this boils down to is I really need to make sure that a couple of the ones I've basically finished but been tinkering on, get completely done. That way I have room to work this winter! lol OH, and there's my other big change -- I moved from having one little desk in the work shop outside, to cleaning out a good portion of another outbuilding so that I need not worry about anyone touching any of my houses again. Had an issue with a family member destroying some pieces for my Harrison that I've been working on. After becoming royally ticked off, I decided that there are just times you have to take it that a person's word means nothing, and that if I wanted to make sure everything was safe and sound it needed to be moved elsewhere. Sooo, managed to accomplish that as well.

HOM kit, $2.00  :)

A couple of kit tables in a lot box

Got this with the wood burning cookstove 2 for $5.00

Reeve's Line bathtub - $2.00

Resin fireplace in lot box

Mini garden from shells.
For now that's all I can think of to update everyone... Hope you all have enjoyed at least a little of the eye candy. I personally fell in love with the flowers to the right, they're made out of mini seashells and were a complete surprise to me when I started going through the $2.00 box of shells I had bought. This woman had a definite love of miniatures, and extraordinary patience. I feel truly honored to have even a bit of this collection to incorporate into my own...

Reeve's Line Toilet - $2.00

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sorry guys, know I've been missing for more than a few. Seems that I was good throughout winter and spring for not getting sick, but darned if summer and a/c hasn't laid me low for the last wk or so! On the bright side, Dayquil has been helping and I'm starting to feel slightly more human again. For now, all I can really update any of you on is that I've slowly but surely been getting all of my wallpaper finished up for the puzzle house. Also, decided that even though this is being done up in mostly paint and scrapbook paper and is meant to be for a friend with a small child... I still wanted the house to look like it had windows. I unfortunately live in a very rural area with no place to get transparencies from, HOWEVER I did realize that in such a small scale report covers work out just as nicely. So I did get windows cut and glued to the frames as well.

Truly as soon as I'm back to feeling 100% I will be uploading photos of this house finished, and then hopefully the Tiffani as well(still have a couple of little things I'm looking to finish up there.) Until tomorrow, know that I've missed all of you out there in bloglandia and I'm incredibly glad to be back!  :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Siding today...

Yuppers, puzzle house got more siding added to it(making all of the siding out of scrapbook paper.) Also, since I've got the front bay and walls sided, I decided to go ahead and start actually gluing the walls together. Thankfully, that's all drying now -- so I'm actually going to go attempt some sleep!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm here, late but here!

Late, but thankfully still posting on progress! lol After being told favorite colors and themes of some of the little girls that the Petite Dreams home is going to I was having some issue trying to work in one of the colors, or at least work it in enough that it would be really noticed... No more, there will be a purple bathroom -- normally this would just terrify me as far as bright colors in small spaces, but I think it aught to work. I decided to take some of the linoleum that I used for the bathroom floor and carry it up the lower part of the walls, then use the mosaic tiles to make a sort of chair rail border and frame the window(possibly door) as well.

Also have the walls to the Puzzle house glued and drying together, though they're not glued to the floors yet. Want to get the last of the interior wallpapers and siding on, before gluing the floors in. So all in all a good mini-ing day, I think the break helped... as well as the matter of being able to talk over some of what I've been doing with someone who actually listens. Don't really get that with anyone in my family, other than to hear I'm crazy for putting the time into the houses that I do. So tonight after going out in a Jeep and exploring the back roads of the county(seem to be a lot I hadn't a clue about right smack dab in the middle of town lol) -- but was nice as I was gripping the handle, to be able to compare the day's events and doings. Then to actually have some interest shown in my hobby. Just a quick "How are your houses coming?" So small a gesture, and yet it really hit home with me, how little most people pay attention...

I do these as a way to have fun for myself, and hopefully help out some others in the process. But it felt really nice to be able to share that even for a moment or two, and know that someone else actually bothered to listen and care. Have to say it made for a lovely day today.   =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm back... ;)

Okay, so I didn't really take a break from mini-ing, but the small break from blogging seemed to be helpful. More at peace feeling and not like I've been being pulled in a bunch of different directions -- so that is nice.  :)  As it stands, I've worked some more on both the puzzle house, and on the Tiffani. I know I keep saying I need to get pics, and lord knows that's the truth. lol But since I think I may have at least one completely finished, possibly both with-in a wk or so's time -- just going to do that then. lol

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small break...

Okay, not a whole lot to update -- because honestly I spent the better part of the morning out in a jeep. Discussing ancient mythologies and old school music. Been a long while since I'd hung out with this friend, and it was an absolute blast... Unfortunately from there I was attempting to focus on work and didn't do much mini-ing at all today.  :( Think I've stalled for the moment, so I'm not going to fight it so much as give myself a day or two away from all of the houses.

Hoping when I come back to them I can hear what they're saying clearly enough...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This and that....

Just in case anyone was wondering about the last couple of weeks and my actually going out -- I'm chalking that up to a nice attempt, but basically an epic fail. Why it should be so hard to find those in life who embrace honesty so much as I do myself -- I don't know. But I especially don't like to find that someone has specifically set out to present me with an image they think I would like best, as opposed to being themselves... Which given had they been who they were from the start we wouldn't have wasted time, because I've no use for bigots and hypocrites. Was always raised don't judge a book by it's cover, in this case I didn't -- but it seems this guy did, often. Just feel sorry for him, and hope sincerely that he may mature and grow up at some point. He probably has no real idea as to how much in life he's missing out on by judging so many... There's my depressing point for the day, but at least on the bright side he did get me out and about again. Key will be if he happens out this weekend just how he acts, could be sickly amusing in a weird way. I'll update I suppose if that happens, just have to see how it goes...  :S

Anyways as to mini-ing, today I used most of my mini-ing time to look up color scheme inspirations for the Harrison, and also some different ideas for the rooms of the Petite Dreams dollhouse I have yet to do. Also, should be getting a quart of free paint here with-in the next week. I will definitely post pics and hope it's not so virulent a color as what I ended up with with my last sample attempt. lol May well end up mixing them to tone the first down... Which could work out fairly well now that I think of it!  :)

For now though I'm going to go back to looking at more wall covering options, and exterior paint for the Harrison. As Ms. Tiffani has already been done in the traditional Tudor look I think that Mr. Harrison will be going with something more modern. Still have the Tudor styling, but a more modern color scheme... Plus I have to still get more work done on the secretive project for my niece Adrianna... hoping that'll be a hit, even if it can't technically be touched by her for a few years. Still aught to be useful now for her I think.  :)

More siding...

Well, update though a bit late -- I've been continuing on with siding on the puzzle house. As well as playing around with some different possibilities with clay. I really have to say the cold porcelain I am loving! First go around I tried and it cracked, think I just overcooked it a wee bit. But by checking it every minute while cooking, since it's just been wonderful stuff to work with. Hoping that I'll have some new pictures up here soon... Note to self: remember to actually use camera as opposed to thinking about it after the fact! lol

Hope everyone's day goes well and wonderful...

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back!

Can't tell you how much I was looking forward to getting back to work. Didn't work on the houses out in the shop due to the cold and rain... but I did get to spend the day getting various pieces laid out or stiffened with glue(cloth and ribbon for wall coverings), as well as working on more flooring for both the Petite Dreams house and the puzzle house. In addition today, I went ahead and started gluing on siding strips for the Puzzle house... Going to be different than what I'd do for myself, but I think it aught to be perfect for my friend(at least I hope!)

So all in all, today was at least a better day than I had over the weekend. And a very well needed pick me up if I do say so myself. Until tomorrow guys.  :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sorry guys, managed to get an unexpected trojan on the computer the other day... Between trying to clean and repair computer, and helping a friend move -- hadn't been able to get anything done with either the computer or mini-ing.

By tomorrow though I've a feeling I'll be back in the swing of things... hopefully!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know, I know -- another late post

Seems the more I try to straighten up my sleep schedule, the more topsy turvy it becomes. Ah well, someday I may actually be semi-normal with it, but til then... Not too much mini-ing to update with, other than that I've been cutting up cardstock in wee itty bitty squares. Going to try these for my kitchen tile, as I'm not liking my painting right now.

We'll see how it goes. lol

Til tomorrow guys.  =]

Nothing to post...

Sorry guys, nothing to post for yesterday. Basically between work, then yard work, and finally trying to iron out details in helping my friend move today -- well, no mini-ing to be spoken of. Worried about others, but am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers...

Hope everyone else is well...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Little squares...

Sooo, not a whole lot to update on the puzzle house work today... Other than I always seem to do things the difficult way before I think to do it the easy way. One of these days I will hopefully learn!!! lol Anyways, decided since I was trying to work in some of the black and red amongst the purple that will be the main color theme of the house, I'd do a nod to black and white tile, diner style :) for the kitchen.

To do this I grabbed one of those trusty self-healing mats that are measured out by inches. Thankfully this one then goes down as far as 1/4", thus how I got my measurement drawn with pencil... It's been painting every intermittent block that's been making me question why I didn't just use a printie for tile?!? lol Ah well, I wanted this to be a gift that was as homemade and hand fashioned as I could -- this definitely qualifies!

Hope everyone's having a good one!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quick post

Just a quick post to wish all of those who are celebrating the day a Happy Mom's day whether your children are 2-legged or 4. As far as mini-ing went for me today, managed to bring in some spray painted pieces and started to fit paper to rooms. Other than that not a whole lot of mini-ing today, but a whole lot of baking. Good day all in all!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More fun w/spray paint!

Updating early today because I'll be out later seeing old friends(haven't gotten to see them in a decade+!) So for what has been accomplished, got another skim coat of spray paint on the last few of the pieces of the puzzle house that needed it. Rather glad I picked this one back up, needed a change of pace from the other dollhouses I've been working on. lol

Besides that though I did pull the heat gun out again today and removed more bubblegum pink paint from the Townhouse... For some reason brick keeps sticking in my mind for at least part of it, so I may well end up having a good bit of time with the dremel tool. Don't know for sure yet, so I guess we'll see.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 6, 2011

More puzzle house today!

Well after dryfitting everything, decided to glue what pieces I could(like the awnings and porch railings) and then do a couple quick primer coats with spraypaint. Unfortunately as Mother Nature decided to spring a small thunderstorm this afternoon, those pieces are still out drying in the shop. I already have wallpaper picked out for a few of the rooms -- it'll be purple themed for my friend. Her favorite colors are purple of any shade, red, and black of all colors to try and combine... Figured out how to get the black in, shingles and possibly a black and white checked kitchen floor. Purple will be on the wallpaper and possibly the siding strips... Still puzzling over the red though!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Puzzle house...

Well, nothing at all was done mini-ing wise with either the Tiffani or Petite Dreams home today. However, the puzzle house that looks like the mini Tennyson -- completely dry fitted today... You know so I could figure out exactly what I wanted to change in regards to parts and pieces. lol

As I'm typing this up a bit early I'm waiting on a base coat of paint to dry on some pieces, and glue to dry on parts like the awnings and supports. All told I think I'm going to be trimming off a good bit of excess wood. At least to me what appears to be excess, when I'm done I truly want this to look like a miniature house -- not so much puzzle as advertised. Think tonight while I'm waiting on these pieces to dry I'm going to attempt some half scale puzzle furniture... Can't even begin to tell you how much I've been looking forward to this part of it! lol

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yes, sad but true -- this is what I spent most of my mini time on today. At least I should be able to find everything in clearly delineated spots now... Of course every time I do this it takes me 20 more minutes to find what it was I was looking for. lol Ah well, crossing my fingers that this might actually work for both my minis and the new home office area.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not too much mini wise... but a bit

Well guys, oddly enough this whole having a life change bit has distracted me from my mini-ing for the moment. lol Nothing like getting a new job which is changing my sleep and awakening patterns; plus the very real possibility of a guy that has not only brains, charisma, and humor to distract me as well. That second one also has me looking at my closet and thinking I need some new heels(he's over a foot taller than me!) But to say the very least, I am enjoying myself a good bit.  :) Will give everyone the head's up though that things here on the blog may be screwy for the next month or so while I'm going through training and whatnot for the job.

Okay, now to the important stuff! Today while I didn't do a whole lot I did use some of my salvaged wood flooring from the Townhouse to make a bench seat/shelf of sorts and finish that off on Miss Tiffani. In addition, while I've had most all of the window frames that came with the kit stained and ready, hadn't glued the interior frames on -- finally started on that. Also, managed to dig out a couple of press molds to make my stone look with clay -- knowing my luck with clays so far, this is completely experimental. lol

Dollhouse Miniature The Tennyson Dollhouse by GreenleafLast but not least while I was getting bored before being invited out for movie watching tonight, I was listening to YouTube and browsing on-line for mini possibilities. Decided to pull out one of my Puzzle Houses to work on... Given I'm not putting it together like it's supposed to be so much as punching out pieces and looking at the picture. When I do get stumped then I've been referring to the numbered key. The one I'm working on looks like a half scale version of the Tennyson Dollhouse by Greenleaf.

Not completely together yet, but hoping I'll be able to whip it together pretty quickly to clear off a shelf section for what is hopefully going to become my new home office. I've had the main section of the house done, just not all the little trim pieces... of which there are a good number. lol

Until tomorrow, hope everyone's doing great!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy day!

Didn't do too much in mini-ville today other than organize and clean up my work areas. Had to do this to set up a corner of the room as a home office anyways. If you're wondering yes I got the job. An hour and a half long interview -- but totally worth it in my mind for all the pluses I can see with it. This will be less time working, full benefits that I will no longer have to provide for myself, and basically will be doubling my income. Just doesn't get any better I don't think... Oh that's right it does, because it leaves me more mini-ing time! lol  Last but not least it leaves me more of a chance to help my folks out more, seeing as my sister has never felt a need to do anything other than take money out of their pockets. I'm glad if nothing else that they at least know now if I'm helping to support them, then they aren't to be taking my money and handing it off to pay for foolishness. Bitter sweet I suppose, but better at least for them and I suppose for me.

That's all to update for now, hopefully I'll get some real work in to write about tomorrow.  :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not much...

Not much to update on other than that I've selected materials, cut them to size, and went ahead and tried my hand at using liquid starch to stiffen them to be hung up as wall coverings. That's about all I can update with for now, going to try and hit the sack. Early morning interview and I'd like to think I have some sleep under my belt...

Saturday, April 30, 2011


That's right -- zero, zip, zilch, nada was done with minis today! Instead, I spent my day boning up on Excel, which isn't really an issue -- but wanted to make sure I was up to date with the 2010 version. I have high hopes, that after an interview on Monday I may well be putting this to use with a new job(she says as she crosses her fingers.) Would be so much nicer in regards to the schedule, pay, and benefits than where I'm at now -- and addendum here, with the pay increase(more mini money!)

In addition to this, I've managed two dates in the same week -- sadly this really is a record in the life of me. The scary part is just how much I've enjoyed my time with him. He possesses a good vocabulary, is very much a comedian, and smart enough to debate various topics with. Where I live that's unheard of, probably why it's incredibly easy to tell he's not from around here. lol

So far, this week has been filled with unexpected surprises which have sidetracked me from my minis -- but I'm hoping sincerely, that after this lull -- it will lead to extra time and money for all these little things I love, and oddly someone who may not have the bug but listens when I talk of them.  :)

Until tomorrow, I hope everyone has a great one!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick update...

Wanted to do a quick update for today as I'll be out tonight(second date in one week, that's a first in the entirety of my life! lol) Anyways, for today I have been slowly but surely wetting down and etching stones into drywall mud. I may well end up doing some additional spackle to make some a bit more dimensional on the walls -- but looking good so far.

I've also been going back through on FaceBook and several other sites with mini retailers -- still looking for instructions for the old Walmer kit. I feel like I aught to be able to piece it together, even without the instructions -- but, I don't figure it hurts to keep looking... You know, just in case. lol

Anyways, here's to hoping tonight goes well for me as well as for all of you!  :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New idea(to me at least!)

Sorry guys, not in too much of a posting mood at the moment. Thought I'd update though that I've been digging through my fabrics and ribbons to do more wall coverings out of for the Petite Dreams home. Other than that all I've managed to do today is cut out numerous little half inch squares of cardstock. Looking to make these into a tile floor, and learned a nice trick if you're doing a floor out of paper and want it to look like nice shiny tile. Seems obvious now, but until I saw it I hadn't thought of it -- Peel and Stick Laminate sheets. They look like they aught to work out perfect!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Had fun... :)

Okay... I admit -- I came home and logging into Blogger was the last thing on my mind last night. Yes, from that you all can assume I had fun. I honestly think he was the most well behaved gentleman last night I've had the pleasure to go out and spend time with. Not only that but we had fun, played pool half the night while talking philosophy and politics -- of which we were in basic agreement about. Found that totally amusing as I tend to be an odd duck out where I live with some of my thoughts. Conservative on some points, and as I've been told annoyingly liberal on others -- he's the same blessed way. lol Still had some good points of discussion though, and had fun throughout. Hoping to do this again soon.

So to get back to dollhousing related business. Applied more thatch to the main part of the Tiffani's roof, the addition is already covered. I have also started laying out the last floor that I have to finish for this -- and then wonderfully enough she aught to be done. Hope to have final pics up of her soon, then try to focus on finishing up the Petite Dreams home and work on my niece's gifts for their upcoming birthdays. One in June, one in July -- so yeah, no rest for the weary. lol

Hope you all are doing great, until tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a thing for the day...

Sorry guys, I really for once did not touch one blessed aspect of any one house today. Instead I watched a couple of awesome playoff games as far as the NBA went. I've been rooting for the underdog Nuggets and they pulled off a win tonight, which was a great game -- just an awesome match up tonight in general. Didn't get to see all of the Grizzlies game, but that one just left me wondering where the heck did that team come from?!? Dark horses in that would've been an understatement, but they killed it!

Promise, I intend to get some decent mini-ing done tomorrow. Though the post may be later, as for the first time in a verrrrrry long while I'm being taken out on a date. Not too sure how that's going to go, but should prove interesting at the very least.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New pics!

Got a couple of things finally done -- and more importantly photographed. So proud, seeing as I always forget the pictures! lol Anyways first up, one of Miss Tiffani's upper floors is totally complete, but for a coat of varnish. Really happy with how this one came out, as it's been sometime since I tried anything with pyrography. Went with a celtic knotwork pattern and I really like it. :)

Second thing I've captured a quick pic of is one of the nursery walls for the Petite Dreams dollhouse, finally found a chair rail to complete the look I was going for. A nice piece of old ribbon from I believe wreath making days way back in the 90's. lol It works though, as this room will be uber-girly since the other kids' room is quite a bit darker. Only thing I have yet to do is Mod Podge it so it lays completely flat against the popsicle stick wainscoting. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed the day, and if celebrating Easter I hope it was a blessed holiday for you. Until tomorrow -- have fun, be creative, and live life to the fullest!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Tiffani time...

It doesn't look like much, but I managed to finish applying the last of the drywall compound into all the little cracks and corners I missed previously. Tomorrow since I'll have the day with no other types of work, will dampen it just enough to press in my stones pattern with a dull tipped pencil. Hopefully will have the interior cleaned up enough then to go ahead and start with my paint washes.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Easter! Until tomorrow...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Short but sweet...

Power's been flickering on and off with all the rain moving through. Just going to update today with I found some old fabrics(shirts) that aught to work well for upholstery. Also, have been digging through all of my wallpapers and scrapbook papers for a couple of those puzzle houses. One started randomly screaming to me that it knew what it wanted -- hasn't quieted down yet. Though luckily I've got papers for 3 of 5 rooms so far. Browsing through printies now...

Be happy and safe guys, til tomorrow!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So late.. I'm seemingly early! lol

Sorry guys, was the first day of a new job -- when I finished up I treated myself to a great old fashioned fried dinner and a night of relaxing thereafter. On the bright side while glued to a headset and computer isn't all that fun, it has it's perks that I'm working with my dog and cat by my side... and that I get to browse on-line looking for mini inspirations. There's a lot out there, and it amazed me how even a word difference can bring up a whole new slew of possibilities. :)

I've also figured out one other point in regards to past work I've attempted to do and share. The Cold Porcelain I previously posted about -- it was all my doing, I thought I'd applied it too thick to the floor. Wasn't the case, but what I did do was cook it too much! Sooo, now that I've figured out my idiocy I'm going to attempt a new batch and see if I can't create some mini magic with it. Another blog I follow is Katie's Clay Corner -- she uses more polymer clay like Fimo and such, but very inspirational!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love the Heat Gun!

I have decided that a good heat gun could be a dollhouse rehabbers bestest friend in the world! Absoulutely love it! :) Today I worked out in the shop on the town house. I have all of the wood trims out and off of this house, removed the last of the wood flooring, and also managed to get the majority of the vinyl wallpaper out of it. Though tomorrow when I finish up with work I intend to go out and use some hot water and fabric softener to get the last of the paper backing off the walls and floors. I also managed to remove the closet from the top floor today.

Have been contemplating just how I'm going to change the floor/ceiling heights to make this more in keeping with 1:12th scale.. From really seeing the house without all the extras today, I think I'll be taking it completely apart. :( Was hoping to avoid that, but on the bright side -- should be pretty simple to fill in the grooves where the parts slide together and use the router to put the grooves where I want the ceiling pieces to go. With moving them, I believe I should be able to fit in a fourth floor.... hopefully.

Still really like the idea of the exterior done in brick, and am contemplating if I'm going to make this still in the theme of a hotel/apartments... or if I'm going to make it one huge house for a well to do family. Have a couple of other large house kits now, so it wouldn't be completely out of place if I did it the second way. Though I keep thinking it'd be nice to be able to do it up like apartments or a hotel, and donate it to a hospital or children's home. That way there'd be plenty of room for little hands to play. I do like this houses stability for that reason alone, I wouldn't worry about kids playing with it and breaking anything because it's so solid... So much to contemplate! lol

For now, going back to applying fabric to some walls for the Petite Dreams home, and then hopefully getting some sleep. Want to be fresh for the job at hand tomorrow. :)

Have a good one guys!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lots accomplished today...

Just not anything mini. Tomorrow I should be back to mini-ing I hope.

Till tomorrow kiddos :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

More trim work...

Not too much to update on dollhouse wise today. I did finish removing the last of the trim on the town house with the heat gun. Now I'm just going to be buckling down to really clean it up and remove all of the excesses of glue and paint. fun fun

In addition to that, I received the replacement parts today for this. Also, as I type this entry the pocket door walls are clamped and drying. I really like how this turned out, and all fairly easy. I'll try to get the step by step pics up with-in the next day or so.

Hope all is well out in bloglandia with everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Actually early!

Haven't worked on "inside" houses too much today. Have spent a good portion of the day out in the shop however! Proud to announce that with the wonderful heat gun I have removed all of the exterior trim on the Victorian Townhouse, have also removed all of the interior trim from the top two floors as well. This just leaves the trim and the remaining "hardwood" flooring of the first floor. I've also gotten all of the flooring off of the top two floors as well as the wallpaper! :)

Funny, because so far every time I have looked at this dollhouse I've had the thought of "What am I going to do with you?!?" Now that I'm getting some of the stuff out of it like the broken window and door frames -- seems like I'm finally getting some good visuals in my mind as to what it can be. I still love the idea of doing it up like an apartment building or perhaps leave it as a one family dwelling -- but really trick it out... Like leave siding(though corrected to be in scale for 1:12) on the bay, and then make the majority of the sides and front be bricked... Perhaps with a bit of a colored stucco around the top, and some added corbels around the roof edge. Not completely sure which bent I'm going to follow on this, but the ideas are surely cooking now at least!

I've also managed to wallpaper another wall in the Petite Dreams home, don't think I updated on here when I got that done. Since I don't see going back out to the shop tonight, I think I'm going to attempt to finish up the faux pocket doors between the kids bedrooms... Have also really been thinking about if I can still hinge the front. Would want to recess the hinges into the wall so they aren't sticking out and unsightly, but that way the girls could really have full access to all the rooms. That's going to require a bit more planning on my part... I really want this to be a dollhouse that they not only enjoy now, but can look back on in a decade or two and hopefully have some great memories.

Until tomorrow, hope you all are safe and happy. Have a good one. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flooring update...

The beginning...

Transferring pattern with knife
I know, I know, I seem to be obsessed with getting the floors right in my dollhouses. However, while I like different wall decor -- the floors really seem to be the thing for me to judge character of a house by. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to some, but for me it's like when I meet a person -- I always tend to look at their feet and what type of shoes they have on. You can truly tell a good deal by these points, both in a house and on a person.

As it stands, I've not finished the bedroom floor -- but we're quite close on it. All I've done for this one is sketch out a pattern on graph paper, then went ahead and traced it on to some tracing paper. Once I did this I colored behind the pattern with charcoal(just use your pencil if you need to). From there I ended up having to take my utility knife and poke holes through the pattern to transfer the lines to the floor. This was incredibly idiotic of me, and you won't need to worry about this step if you're smart and wait to stain your flooring after you transfer the pattern. From there I'm just using my wood burner to make the pattern more permanent.

Where I'm at...
Was thinking of painting in the ropes in the pattern, but I think it looks a bit more rustic with just the stain and the pyrography.. What do you think? I'm going for an older Tudor styled cottage, preferably of a Celtic persuasion -- thus the choice of interlace for the flooring pattern :)

Until tomorrow, hope you all are safe and happy.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another quick one...

Sorry guys, but it'll be another short one today. Trying to get my blood sugar up at the moment(44 isn't a good number.) So typing this as quick as I can while sucking down some juice and munching some peanut butter toast. My later post however I promise some floor eye candy from my work on Miss Tiffani!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gave up on clay for floooring... for now

Not to say that the Tiffani isn't still going to have stone floors and stone for the lower half of the walls -- it's just that I'll be going with my old favorite to do so. Drywall compound! :) I love the fact that you can smooth this on, let it sit for 15 mins or so and go back and etch in your stones... and if you're like me and aren't completely satisfied the first time take a wet cloth smoosh it all together and start again. Once dry and painted -- you really won't have to worry about it chipping or anything.

Sometimes it takes examples like this to prove to me that sometimes simple really is best. Okay all the time really, but my mind likes to forget that occasionally. lol

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Nothing to update at the moment other than that I've been dealing with low blood sugars and a nasty migraine today. Will update later when I'm not having to squint my eyes to look at the computer screen...

Hope you all are good.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One down -- one to go...

Blanket that is! That's right, I was actually able to completely finish one blanket in about an hour or so today. It's a smaller blanket -- what I could see being folded and put on the back of a sofa, or perhaps the foot of a bed for a bit of added warmth. Not posting pics until I see if I can keep myself on the ball and get the other one done. This one was crocheted, which isn't saying a whole lot since it's the only stitch I've tried and managed without screwing up completely. But it doesn't look half bad, and if I can do it I'm convinced anyone can! Definitely see a quick tutorial out of this one soon.

The other one I'm going to attempt is a quilt. I'm going to go ahead and just say the woman whom makes these -- they are superb! Her name is Gillian and you can find her quilt tutorial here. Truly I look at artisans such as this, and am amazed at how easy they make this look... Maybe it's just that I make things more difficult, don't know and honestly don't care -- because either way you cut it her work is fantabulous! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Refitting beams...

Miss Tiffani in dry fit...

As mentioned yesterday Miss Tiffani and I had been working at getting her spiffied up. She now has a good bit of "stucco" look to her with the paper, and I am putting her beams back in. Had previously glued them, but went ahead and pulled them out to make sure I could get the entirety of the ceiling stuccoed(papered). As she stands now we've only to finish with her thatch roof, and finish dressing her floors. Then we'll see about some furnishings. Odd as it may seem but I've had a story line in my mind for this one's inhabitant. Just have yet to try and make her... Seems while I fell confident enough in sculpting with foods like fondant etc -- not so much in clay. Going to have to overcome that though, and soon from the way this house is flying together now.

As for the Petite Dreams home, have started on my second attempt at the flooring for the nursery. Trying Stonex clay for this attempt, actually forgot I had this on hand. So maybe this will get me comfortable enough with clay handling to give a go at the cold porcelain clay again. I already know that I like the feel of that better than this, but I don't like to see anything go to waste without trying it first. Sooo, I'll let you know how that goes in a day or so once it's all dry(crossing my fingers).

Also, last bit for the day -- trying my hand at mini blankets. Going to attempt at least two, and do them differently. If all turns out well, I may finally have a tutorial or two to post soon. :)

Until tomorrow, have a great one!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's hot, hot, hot!

Loved it today -- lots of sunshine and warmth! This finally felt like spring here -- got to go out and play fetch with my boy, worked out in the shop with the heat gun and paint scraper on the town house, finished the floor for the horse room(little girls' bedroom I presume), and gesso'd the heck out of the Tiffani. Felt like a no house left behind kind of day for me. lol

As for the gesso-ing, I've been being called by Miss Tiffani to come back and pay some attention to her. Had finished up a good bit on the floors -- and the exterior walls, but the rest... that was a different story. As she stands now -- her ceilings and walls have all been primed, and she's being fit for her "stucco." Was planning on just using spackle, but found a roll of anaglypta paper that's supposed to look like textured drywall -- think 70's if you need a visual. Tried it out, and have to say it works a LOT quicker and easier for a stucco type look. Added benefit, it looks pretty smart too! She's quieting down now that I've quit using her for storage and pulled her out back into the light if you will.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick one today...

Going to be a quick post today, for the simple reason -- I found a new tool out in the shop... and I've been having a lot of fun! lol I'd heard there were plenty of uses for heat guns, and I'll throw out the common sense warning of they're hot so be careful. But the town house will no longer be that icky bubble gum pink coloration! The heat gun has been so good at bubbling it up, so I can scrape the paint right off :)

Besides this I also figured out I'll be using my utility knives and dremel tool a good bit, but I can change the siding that was milled into this pretty easily to be 1:12 as opposed to play scale. That has made my pretty happy as well. Think I just needed a day or so away from the Petite Dreams house, and the town house is big enough and just sitting out there staring at me when I go out to work...

Going to try and be good and update with pictures on all my various projects I've been working on with-in the next day or two. Til then, have a great one!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring was here today!

Yes it most definitely was! Today was one of those days you wake up and just HAVE to clean. lol Those moods don't strike me so often, I like my order and whatnot -- but not often do I get down on my hands and knees to vacuum under the bed and really chase dust bunnies. Today, was one of those days. The really spectacular part about this, is I not only went through like a mad woman cleaning my room/work area for dollhouses -- but also carried this effort out to the shop. Looks much neater, more organized, and A LOT less dusty out there now too.. :)

Besides all my cleaning I also got out some of my foam core and really started playing around with my walls. I had wanted to put in walls between the "nursery" and the kids' bedroom on the third floor, as well as the walls on the second floor... Only problem with that idea was just how little access and light one had to those back rooms then. Wanted originally to put working lights in this house, but as you'll recall I vetoed that idea when I figured out where it was meant to go to. With seven little girls -- just didn't want to take the chance of the lights and electricity and having something bad happen. Sooo... had been dwelling on how to solve this little issue for the last little while. Then it hit me at least how to solve the issue on the third floor -- pocket doors!

Going to have to wing it to see if I can do this, but I don't think it aught to be so difficult(hopefully).

Til tomorrow guys have a good one!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good day!!!

Good day in that we found out poor Fred dog just has some allergies. Thankfully the vet prescribed some antibiotics and steroids to help him get past the hot spots he's had popping up... As it was stated to us, a sign of spring. Since he is thought to be an older puppy, that may be why the allergies are starting to pop up -- getting more sensitive to life. Was so proud of him though -- did wonderful with the car trip(he normally is not a big fan of these), and then threw himself at the vet assistant. He has a weakness for females, and evidently nice blonds that speak sweetly will woo him every time. lol

As far as dollhousing went, I finally gave in to the floor and cracked out my first attempt at clay. Sanded it back down, and tomorrow intend to just do a couple of light quick coats of spray paint to prime the mdf again. Then -- trying it all over again, just going to be smart and not roll the clay so thick! lol If nothing else, I look at the first go as a lesson learned in what not to do.  :)

Have also chosen and customized my design for my encaustic tile for the porch. It will be simple black and white, and I'm probably making it more difficult on myself by cutting each tile out of my cardstock to glue on. However, so far it looks pretty darned good(at least I think so)!

Hope everyone's having a good one, and I'll talk to ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This and that today...

Today was a little bit of this and that today, basically as far as the Petite Dreams house goes -- still have yet to make myself happy with the puzzle floor. Wondering if it's not my fault in rolling it too thick as to why I'm still having issues with cracking? Going to attempt to fill the cracks again with the last bit of my first batch of cold porcelain. If it doesn't work out, I have to figure I either rolled it too thick... or maybe didn't mix it up as well as I thought the first go around. Nah! lol If I don't get rid of the cracks this go around I'll just settle into the kitchen to make up another small batch until I get it right. If I'm nothing else, I'm persistent! It will be right or not at all. lol

Also, found a great site last night in my browsing to find instructions for the Bay Mansion! It's called the Dollhouse Workshop and Builder's Forum. I believe this was started by one of the founders of the Small Stuff forum on Yahoo, but can't guarantee it. As it is, they collect directions for kits from companies that have gone out of business. If you are looking for directions for a kit, you have only to ask -- if they have them, they'll post 'em! Cannot begin to tell you how glad I am I came across this site last night, and yeah I bookmarked it!  :)

Which brings me to one of my downer points for the day... I had also e-mailed an on-line store by the name of The Dollhouse and Miniatures Shoppe. I will give this party their due in that they have components for certain houses that you can't readily find elsewhere. As it was, they had the Bay Mansion porch posts listed -- so thought it was worth a shot at least to see if they might have the directions for the kit, or know of a source that I may be able find them. At least I got a reply, but it was rather much like salt in a wide open gaping wound to be told sorry, I have them -- and I'm not sharing. lol

I have to pity this poor person, whomever they may be, for the simple matter that since day 1 of my journey into miniatures -- everyone it seems I've come across has been so kind and sharing. Then I come across someone like this... I wonder how alone they must be in real life with an attitude like that? Suppose in actuality I can't help but feel as sorry for the poor schmuck as I do for my sister and her husband. I feel sorry for them for their choice of living lies and trying to force those lies onto others, even when knowing the truth. Just as I feel sorry for this person for trying to make themself out to feel better by being what I can only say after reading the e-mail was cruel.

No matter what I may need in the future, I will not be shopping from their site -- ever. But, I will keep my fingers crossed that doc may come through on the Dollhouse Workshop and Builder's Forum. For now I ask for anyone who's willing to keep their fingers crossed for my brother beagle tomorrow, we'll be taking him to the vet. Thinking he has some sort of allergy that has him nibbling himself raw. :(

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not yet...

Where I'm at so far.

Okay, so like my pattern of before when I say I'm looking to have something done at a set time -- I don't. lol I'd apologize, but a couple of things came up and I figure to deal with them now and have a nice finished product in the end. Was really thinking this was the bestest clay I've used as I'd had no cracking, had to turn the heater on last night due to the cold though -- and of course woke up to not one but several cracks in the morning. Had made some extra clay though and just rolled snakes of it and shimmied it into the cracks to fill them up. So, had to wait on that to dry before being able to get the rest of my photos of that. :/

Part of the label on box #1
Good news today though -- the Bay Mansion showed up, and goodness is it BIG! The kit that I got was evidently the "upgraded" version with the windows and doors included. It came in 3 boxes, the first of which was about 50 lbs, the second was about 20 lbs, and the third was 14 lbs if I'm recalling this correctly. Add 20 lbs to that and in pieces with no additions this puppy weighs just about as much as I do. Box #1 is also almost as tall as me too... ;)

Still waiting on the directions from Walmer, though I talked with their representative and she's hoping to have news for me tomorrow in regards to this. Soo, tonight though I've promised myself I'm not starting on this til I get some of my other projects completed I did at least open the boxes and have fun looking through all the pieces. I find it funny I could do so, because I remember opening that first kit box for my niece Alyssa's Laurel -- pure horror! lol Truly it was like "How do you make a house from THIS?" Found out though, you can do it and it's quite addicting... Probably why I'm still glancing at the boxes, taking out various pieces, and quite simply grinning like a loon!

Have to say though one thing I've really enjoyed with this is seeing some of the paperwork that came with it. Like the original COD slip, the packing slips, the label from the store I presume it was bought from,  and the labeled subpacks... Just seems very much like by putting it together I'll join a link with so many others that have already made their mark. That sounds more grandiose than what I care for, so I guess simply put -- I like the idea that I'll be able to make this into a structure that was worth the time and effort they put into it... at least I hope I can. Guess only time will tell, but I really want to get my hands on this!

Til tomorrow I'll leave you with a few pics of the paper trail I'm finding in the boxes...
Kit delineation

Store I'm presuming it was bought from
Amount paid in 1983, made me realize again the great deal I got!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It worked!!! :)

Cold Porcelain Paste Recipe


- 2 cups of Corn Starch

- 2 cups of Elmer's Glue or wood glue (should be white, and has to be a PVA)

- 1 Tbs of lemon juice (it acts as a conservative)

-2 Tbs baby oil (you could use any oil like mineral, cooking, baby or even Vaseline petroleum jelly will work)
- 1 Tbs of white liquid tempera paint

- 1 Tbs of cold cream (non greasy, without lanolin and silicone, I used Ponds)

- Glass bowl (microwave compatible)

- Wooden spoon

This is the recipe I found for cold porcelain, and I have to say after buying an airdry clay that cracked all to heck on my eldest niece's dh -- wasn't too sure about trying this again. However, in finding not only the recipe, but also some good handling tips -- so much happier with this! I'll tell you now that I won't be posting pics until tomorrow, b/c I'd like to have the pics from start to finish of it all.

However, I will share what I've found -- and I will say this should make about a cup all together of the clay. The glue needs to be high tack -- either white wood glue, PVA, or something like Elmer's Glue All. I've even heard of folks using tacky glue in this, and I'd suppose whatever you can get your hands on that's not too expensive -- go for it.

The lemon juice is working as a conservative in the recipe... Very much like what formalin would do in some of the other recipes I'd found -- this however is cheaper, more easily obtainable, and won't kill your skin.

As for the cold cream, like I said I used Pond's Cold Cream -- you only use this on your hands at the time of kneading, and I don't believe I used a full tbsp. You don't want it greasy, but this helps so the clay/paste doesn't stick to your hands.

Now for the how to portion... bwahahahaha

Just kidding, it's really not bad!

Basically you just need to mix all the ingredients in the glass bowl excepting the hand cream(again that's just for your hands when kneading). You can even use a hand mixer to really make sure you get it all mixed, and not chunky(that's what I got trying to do it by hand). Either way though you want it to not have lumps, and be smooth or I guess a uniform consistency if you will. Once smooth, place the bowl   in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes on high. You'll want to open the microwave each minute and mix the clay with your wooden spoon. This is so it cooks evenly -- as with variations in sizes of cups used for measuring, microwave power, heat, etc... well you get the point there, there's a lot of variables that can adjust how your clay is going to cook. If necessary you can monitor every 30 seconds for the last minute.

Once your clay is cooked I would suggest laying out a piece of wax paper and securing it to your counter top or table. Then you can use your cold cream and spread it about on this paper, as well as on your hands. Then place the clay on top, from what I've been able to discern the hotter the better when kneading. Makes for a smoother final clay product. Suggestion I read said to knead for at least 5-7 minutes, the more you knead -- again the better the product will be to work with. Tip I also read says to coil after you're done kneading to prevent the formation of air bubbles. From there you can seal it up in a plastic zip lock bag and stick it in the fridge for at least 24 hours. You could also use cling wrap, or saran wrap -- just note to anyone else doing this, you may want to use a touch of the cold cream to grease the plastic to keep your clay moist.

Hope this might help someone else, have to say I'm really happy with this so far!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giving clay a chance

For anyone seeing the title to this entry it may not make a lot of sense. So many miniaturists are polymer clay lovers -- but for myself a) it's not readily available and b) what is available has ghastly prices. So I've been hunting up cold porcelain recipes for the last few days and think I've found the one that looked best for my usage at the moment. I'm going to attempt the nursery puzzle piece floor using this, and see how it turns out. If it's good and doesn't crack all to pieces like the air dry clay I attempted to use for my nieces dh bathroom floor, then I'll share the recipe which is free domain and what tips I've found to use with it.

For the moment, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and watching it dry -- praying to goodness it doesn't crack.

Til tomorrow...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day off from minis

Mainly because I just couldn't wrap my mind around an idea long enough to follow through on it today. lol At this point the more I looked at what I'd done with the Victorian the more I was dissatisfied(ended up pulling out my puzzle pieced vinyl flooring).  I still really like the idea of a puzzle floor, I just REALLY didn't like that look with the vinyl flooring. So, in all likelihood I'll sand down the floor, prime it again and may just attempt it with cardstock...

For now though I don't have too much more to say other than that I'm going to go pop some Excedrin and pray for my head to quit pounding.

Til tomorrow, hope you all have a good one.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paper clip fun!

Not too much to update with today. So will attempt to at least keep a happy point on here for the day... Namely the point that at least there is still a thing or two to be smiled upon today! Such as that I did complete a couple things today. Not much but at least a couple things... lol

Number one that I did get my wall from the other day completed in decor, with the horse/barn bit done. Mainly in that I was trying to figure out what I was going to do on the other walls of that room. Wanted to continue the look of aged barn wood, but not the entire wall -- think it would just look too dark then. Managed however to find some fun paper clips at the grocery store the other day, they look very similar to the link on the left but are red, white, and blue. So, was able to glue some above the door. Now I'll be able to work in some mini print flag fabric on part of the walls and have it tie in with the paper clip decoration. Meaning not only will I be able to work in the horses, but also a bit of a patriotic nod as well. Two of the girls' dad was a marine, and the whole family is very proud of his service -- most especially his daughters!  :)

Also, got a bit more done today in regards to furniture possibilities, well at least to what I may be getting. Specifically, in that anyone who has gotten stuff from JBM Miniatures may like to hear that they are starting to sell retail now! Just go to their new site to buy some of their new furniture or to at least look around. :) Not much more to mention today, but at least that... For now though that aught to do it...

Til tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craft store day

Today I didn't actually do too much with the house itself, other than I did make up some walls from foam board. I may still break down and actually get some of those nifty room dividers of laser cut wood -- but I just don't see spending that sort of money on a house I know is probably going to get some rough play. Maybe when they're older. lol

As is, I did finally get a day trip with my mom to go check out craft/hardware stores. She had told me there was a Michael's about an hour away along with a Crafts 2000 and some other fun little shops. Unfortunately the Michael's was closed, so I still have yet to ever set foot in one of those. Crafts 2000 which I normally love, I found this one to be waaaay overpriced on most of their products. Found a couple good deals so it wasn't a total bust, but it was a disappointment. First place I've been they wanted $1.00+ for a piece of scrapbook paper! Thought that was totally nuts...

So my bright side for the day is I got some cool tile to use in one of the big dollhouses I'll be making/rehabbing soon, and some more glue. Other than that not too much to report for the day, other than to also mention along with the glue I bought a couple boxes of corn starch. If my plans work out, it will be another way to be creative for a whole lot less. I'll share once I do this experiment on whether it works or not...

Till tomorrow have a good one!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New pics -- finally!

Yea!!! I finally remembered to grab the camera while doing some of the dh stuff today! I know, it's been how long? lol Anyways, have determined to do two kids rooms. I suppose one could be made into a nursery if they want, I'll be doing that with a fairytale type theme to it. The other room I've been excited to do is themed on horses. The family this is going to -- horses are a major love!

After finding a picture of horses that came up in a google search of free horse clipart I printed out three different pics that I really liked. Took them out the other day and used a clear spray sealer to seal them, and today glued one up. I had this one picked out to go by the door because it is the exact height, and therefore just awesome looking. Not sure if I'm going to put interior doors on this or not. Figure I may do a portiere type of thing on the other side if necessary. But there are a couple of smaller kids that may from time to time play with this, and doors I just don't see holding up so well to that type of play for now...

Anyways, that first picture is of my recycling efforts in effect. The stripwood used on the townhouse floors that I picked up was done in playscale. Which if I'm successful when I rehab that one it won't be any longer, but will instead be 1:12. So got to thinking that it would be good if I could reuse that wood somehow, however realized while removing it that it was just glued in with the paperbacking. So pulled out the old spraybottle, added a bit of warm water and fabric softener and sprayed the backside of the wood. I rather figure if that combo can remove wallpaper, it aught to be able to remove sticky paper residue. Guess what -- it actually did! lol

I will freely admit I wanted an old barn look so some pieces I made sure to get that were ragged looking. After I glued these up, I took a piece of heavier grit sandpaper to help get rid of some of the sheen still on the wood from previous varnish efforts. Still wasn't satisfied with the look I had, wasn't aged enough I guess... So took what was on hand and mixed up some Burnt Umber and Black acrylic craft paint with some Matte ModPodge, and check out how it came out! I love the effect!!!

Now my only problem is figuring out if I'm going to carry the aged wood effect around the room on the other two walls... If I do I'm thinking I'd only do so on half the wall so as not to have it too dark. But for now, this is the first wall decoration I've done other than the dining room and I really like it(hopefully they will too)!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ahhh... :)

I really don't have too much to blog about today... Other than that I have two kits in the mail as of today!!! The first being my Bay Mansion kit, and the second one that I won't be posting about until after the fact. The second is being done for my niece Adrianna, and basically will be doubling as a night light for the next little bit. :)

Only other thing that I've really been looking into are the different possibilities for doll sculpting clays. Seems a lot are huge fans of Creative Paperclay, whereas others seem to prefer Fimo and Sculpey. For myself, I'm just trying to find that which will be most forgiving. The Paperclay has the plus of being an air drying clay, but in the same breath I can see that as being equally bad... Just going to have to keep up researching, and possible experimentation in small quantities until I can make up my mind.

Hope everyone's having a good one. :)