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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love the Heat Gun!

I have decided that a good heat gun could be a dollhouse rehabbers bestest friend in the world! Absoulutely love it! :) Today I worked out in the shop on the town house. I have all of the wood trims out and off of this house, removed the last of the wood flooring, and also managed to get the majority of the vinyl wallpaper out of it. Though tomorrow when I finish up with work I intend to go out and use some hot water and fabric softener to get the last of the paper backing off the walls and floors. I also managed to remove the closet from the top floor today.

Have been contemplating just how I'm going to change the floor/ceiling heights to make this more in keeping with 1:12th scale.. From really seeing the house without all the extras today, I think I'll be taking it completely apart. :( Was hoping to avoid that, but on the bright side -- should be pretty simple to fill in the grooves where the parts slide together and use the router to put the grooves where I want the ceiling pieces to go. With moving them, I believe I should be able to fit in a fourth floor.... hopefully.

Still really like the idea of the exterior done in brick, and am contemplating if I'm going to make this still in the theme of a hotel/apartments... or if I'm going to make it one huge house for a well to do family. Have a couple of other large house kits now, so it wouldn't be completely out of place if I did it the second way. Though I keep thinking it'd be nice to be able to do it up like apartments or a hotel, and donate it to a hospital or children's home. That way there'd be plenty of room for little hands to play. I do like this houses stability for that reason alone, I wouldn't worry about kids playing with it and breaking anything because it's so solid... So much to contemplate! lol

For now, going back to applying fabric to some walls for the Petite Dreams home, and then hopefully getting some sleep. Want to be fresh for the job at hand tomorrow. :)

Have a good one guys!


  1. I always love hearing about the Petite Dreams dollhouse. I get all misty-eyed thinking about my first kit-bash! (OMG, I must be getting senile.)

    Anyway, I just noticed that you are putting fabric on some of the walls -- what kind of fabric, and how do you glue it on?

  2. Don't know about you, but I've been considered not senile per se, but definitely a bit crazier than most in my family for my mini addiction! lol As to the fabric, at the moment I'm just using a very thin cotton -- almost a poplin and some spray adhesive. Working pretty good. I've also invested in out of season place mats that look like grass cloth... I've really been having fun with this house! :)