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Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring was here today!

Yes it most definitely was! Today was one of those days you wake up and just HAVE to clean. lol Those moods don't strike me so often, I like my order and whatnot -- but not often do I get down on my hands and knees to vacuum under the bed and really chase dust bunnies. Today, was one of those days. The really spectacular part about this, is I not only went through like a mad woman cleaning my room/work area for dollhouses -- but also carried this effort out to the shop. Looks much neater, more organized, and A LOT less dusty out there now too.. :)

Besides all my cleaning I also got out some of my foam core and really started playing around with my walls. I had wanted to put in walls between the "nursery" and the kids' bedroom on the third floor, as well as the walls on the second floor... Only problem with that idea was just how little access and light one had to those back rooms then. Wanted originally to put working lights in this house, but as you'll recall I vetoed that idea when I figured out where it was meant to go to. With seven little girls -- just didn't want to take the chance of the lights and electricity and having something bad happen. Sooo... had been dwelling on how to solve this little issue for the last little while. Then it hit me at least how to solve the issue on the third floor -- pocket doors!

Going to have to wing it to see if I can do this, but I don't think it aught to be so difficult(hopefully).

Til tomorrow guys have a good one!

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