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Sunday, April 24, 2011

New pics!

Got a couple of things finally done -- and more importantly photographed. So proud, seeing as I always forget the pictures! lol Anyways first up, one of Miss Tiffani's upper floors is totally complete, but for a coat of varnish. Really happy with how this one came out, as it's been sometime since I tried anything with pyrography. Went with a celtic knotwork pattern and I really like it. :)

Second thing I've captured a quick pic of is one of the nursery walls for the Petite Dreams dollhouse, finally found a chair rail to complete the look I was going for. A nice piece of old ribbon from I believe wreath making days way back in the 90's. lol It works though, as this room will be uber-girly since the other kids' room is quite a bit darker. Only thing I have yet to do is Mod Podge it so it lays completely flat against the popsicle stick wainscoting. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed the day, and if celebrating Easter I hope it was a blessed holiday for you. Until tomorrow -- have fun, be creative, and live life to the fullest!

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