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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a thing for the day...

Sorry guys, I really for once did not touch one blessed aspect of any one house today. Instead I watched a couple of awesome playoff games as far as the NBA went. I've been rooting for the underdog Nuggets and they pulled off a win tonight, which was a great game -- just an awesome match up tonight in general. Didn't get to see all of the Grizzlies game, but that one just left me wondering where the heck did that team come from?!? Dark horses in that would've been an understatement, but they killed it!

Promise, I intend to get some decent mini-ing done tomorrow. Though the post may be later, as for the first time in a verrrrrry long while I'm being taken out on a date. Not too sure how that's going to go, but should prove interesting at the very least.

Until tomorrow...

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