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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's hot, hot, hot!

Loved it today -- lots of sunshine and warmth! This finally felt like spring here -- got to go out and play fetch with my boy, worked out in the shop with the heat gun and paint scraper on the town house, finished the floor for the horse room(little girls' bedroom I presume), and gesso'd the heck out of the Tiffani. Felt like a no house left behind kind of day for me. lol

As for the gesso-ing, I've been being called by Miss Tiffani to come back and pay some attention to her. Had finished up a good bit on the floors -- and the exterior walls, but the rest... that was a different story. As she stands now -- her ceilings and walls have all been primed, and she's being fit for her "stucco." Was planning on just using spackle, but found a roll of anaglypta paper that's supposed to look like textured drywall -- think 70's if you need a visual. Tried it out, and have to say it works a LOT quicker and easier for a stucco type look. Added benefit, it looks pretty smart too! She's quieting down now that I've quit using her for storage and pulled her out back into the light if you will.

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