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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good day!!!

Good day in that we found out poor Fred dog just has some allergies. Thankfully the vet prescribed some antibiotics and steroids to help him get past the hot spots he's had popping up... As it was stated to us, a sign of spring. Since he is thought to be an older puppy, that may be why the allergies are starting to pop up -- getting more sensitive to life. Was so proud of him though -- did wonderful with the car trip(he normally is not a big fan of these), and then threw himself at the vet assistant. He has a weakness for females, and evidently nice blonds that speak sweetly will woo him every time. lol

As far as dollhousing went, I finally gave in to the floor and cracked out my first attempt at clay. Sanded it back down, and tomorrow intend to just do a couple of light quick coats of spray paint to prime the mdf again. Then -- trying it all over again, just going to be smart and not roll the clay so thick! lol If nothing else, I look at the first go as a lesson learned in what not to do.  :)

Have also chosen and customized my design for my encaustic tile for the porch. It will be simple black and white, and I'm probably making it more difficult on myself by cutting each tile out of my cardstock to glue on. However, so far it looks pretty darned good(at least I think so)!

Hope everyone's having a good one, and I'll talk to ya tomorrow.

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