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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One down -- one to go...

Blanket that is! That's right, I was actually able to completely finish one blanket in about an hour or so today. It's a smaller blanket -- what I could see being folded and put on the back of a sofa, or perhaps the foot of a bed for a bit of added warmth. Not posting pics until I see if I can keep myself on the ball and get the other one done. This one was crocheted, which isn't saying a whole lot since it's the only stitch I've tried and managed without screwing up completely. But it doesn't look half bad, and if I can do it I'm convinced anyone can! Definitely see a quick tutorial out of this one soon.

The other one I'm going to attempt is a quilt. I'm going to go ahead and just say the woman whom makes these -- they are superb! Her name is Gillian and you can find her quilt tutorial here. Truly I look at artisans such as this, and am amazed at how easy they make this look... Maybe it's just that I make things more difficult, don't know and honestly don't care -- because either way you cut it her work is fantabulous! :)

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