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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Update post...

Living room/parlor floor
Subway tiles in the making.
The Brownstone is still getting my full attention... just that that attention has been a bit spread out. lol I'm going to try and just upload a good number of photos to catch everyone up on what I've been working on. If anyone is on Instagram my tag on there is kj_yotemom -- and I've been being pretty good at uploading pics on there daily. I decided to join in on a challenge right now called Dollhouse therapy. A number of ladies are participating and working on one or two rooms of their dollhouses a month. Final reveal is end of June I believe. I joined to make sure I keep up with working on this little monster! lol

First picture is of what I'm thinking will be the floor for my living room/parlor area. This was done using a Mariner Dome kit from Brodnax, and salvaged wood from a floor I took out of a rehab dollhouse. Rather amazed it came out as well as it did! The edges have been trimmed up since taking that picture, and I applied a coat of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax so the floor has a lovely soft sheen now. Next picture is what I've been working on the last few days -- making my own mini subway tiles from polymer clay. This may actually be more repetitive than mini-shingling, and I didn't know that was possible... things you learn along the way! But I do want to say I'm glad I'm taking the time to make these as it's one way to really make this brownstone unique. 

Third picture is of a fireplace I got from an estate on Ebay. It's by Unique Miniatures, and once I'm done with it I'm hoping it will look like white marble... we will see. Lots of details to paint around, and I've not attempted to "marble" in miniature before. Seems like this house is a lot of firsts for me -- probably why it's been as frustrating and rewarding as it has been. Anyways, I've also managed to paint the brick sheets that will be cladding the brownstone, at least the base color. Still have to go back to paint some bricks to be more varied -- but I'm loving the way it's looking so far. This will have the plastic sheets of bricks on the sides and backs, and then Paperclay bricks on the front. I originally ordered the sheets of bricks b/c the house originally had that plastic coating on the front... have to love the irony!

Anyways, going to jump off here and see to the real life house at the moment. Hope everyone had a great weekend!