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Friday, May 27, 2011

Siding today...

Yuppers, puzzle house got more siding added to it(making all of the siding out of scrapbook paper.) Also, since I've got the front bay and walls sided, I decided to go ahead and start actually gluing the walls together. Thankfully, that's all drying now -- so I'm actually going to go attempt some sleep!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm here, late but here!

Late, but thankfully still posting on progress! lol After being told favorite colors and themes of some of the little girls that the Petite Dreams home is going to I was having some issue trying to work in one of the colors, or at least work it in enough that it would be really noticed... No more, there will be a purple bathroom -- normally this would just terrify me as far as bright colors in small spaces, but I think it aught to work. I decided to take some of the linoleum that I used for the bathroom floor and carry it up the lower part of the walls, then use the mosaic tiles to make a sort of chair rail border and frame the window(possibly door) as well.

Also have the walls to the Puzzle house glued and drying together, though they're not glued to the floors yet. Want to get the last of the interior wallpapers and siding on, before gluing the floors in. So all in all a good mini-ing day, I think the break helped... as well as the matter of being able to talk over some of what I've been doing with someone who actually listens. Don't really get that with anyone in my family, other than to hear I'm crazy for putting the time into the houses that I do. So tonight after going out in a Jeep and exploring the back roads of the county(seem to be a lot I hadn't a clue about right smack dab in the middle of town lol) -- but was nice as I was gripping the handle, to be able to compare the day's events and doings. Then to actually have some interest shown in my hobby. Just a quick "How are your houses coming?" So small a gesture, and yet it really hit home with me, how little most people pay attention...

I do these as a way to have fun for myself, and hopefully help out some others in the process. But it felt really nice to be able to share that even for a moment or two, and know that someone else actually bothered to listen and care. Have to say it made for a lovely day today.   =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm back... ;)

Okay, so I didn't really take a break from mini-ing, but the small break from blogging seemed to be helpful. More at peace feeling and not like I've been being pulled in a bunch of different directions -- so that is nice.  :)  As it stands, I've worked some more on both the puzzle house, and on the Tiffani. I know I keep saying I need to get pics, and lord knows that's the truth. lol But since I think I may have at least one completely finished, possibly both with-in a wk or so's time -- just going to do that then. lol

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small break...

Okay, not a whole lot to update -- because honestly I spent the better part of the morning out in a jeep. Discussing ancient mythologies and old school music. Been a long while since I'd hung out with this friend, and it was an absolute blast... Unfortunately from there I was attempting to focus on work and didn't do much mini-ing at all today.  :( Think I've stalled for the moment, so I'm not going to fight it so much as give myself a day or two away from all of the houses.

Hoping when I come back to them I can hear what they're saying clearly enough...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This and that....

Just in case anyone was wondering about the last couple of weeks and my actually going out -- I'm chalking that up to a nice attempt, but basically an epic fail. Why it should be so hard to find those in life who embrace honesty so much as I do myself -- I don't know. But I especially don't like to find that someone has specifically set out to present me with an image they think I would like best, as opposed to being themselves... Which given had they been who they were from the start we wouldn't have wasted time, because I've no use for bigots and hypocrites. Was always raised don't judge a book by it's cover, in this case I didn't -- but it seems this guy did, often. Just feel sorry for him, and hope sincerely that he may mature and grow up at some point. He probably has no real idea as to how much in life he's missing out on by judging so many... There's my depressing point for the day, but at least on the bright side he did get me out and about again. Key will be if he happens out this weekend just how he acts, could be sickly amusing in a weird way. I'll update I suppose if that happens, just have to see how it goes...  :S

Anyways as to mini-ing, today I used most of my mini-ing time to look up color scheme inspirations for the Harrison, and also some different ideas for the rooms of the Petite Dreams dollhouse I have yet to do. Also, should be getting a quart of free paint here with-in the next week. I will definitely post pics and hope it's not so virulent a color as what I ended up with with my last sample attempt. lol May well end up mixing them to tone the first down... Which could work out fairly well now that I think of it!  :)

For now though I'm going to go back to looking at more wall covering options, and exterior paint for the Harrison. As Ms. Tiffani has already been done in the traditional Tudor look I think that Mr. Harrison will be going with something more modern. Still have the Tudor styling, but a more modern color scheme... Plus I have to still get more work done on the secretive project for my niece Adrianna... hoping that'll be a hit, even if it can't technically be touched by her for a few years. Still aught to be useful now for her I think.  :)

More siding...

Well, update though a bit late -- I've been continuing on with siding on the puzzle house. As well as playing around with some different possibilities with clay. I really have to say the cold porcelain I am loving! First go around I tried and it cracked, think I just overcooked it a wee bit. But by checking it every minute while cooking, since it's just been wonderful stuff to work with. Hoping that I'll have some new pictures up here soon... Note to self: remember to actually use camera as opposed to thinking about it after the fact! lol

Hope everyone's day goes well and wonderful...

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm back!

Can't tell you how much I was looking forward to getting back to work. Didn't work on the houses out in the shop due to the cold and rain... but I did get to spend the day getting various pieces laid out or stiffened with glue(cloth and ribbon for wall coverings), as well as working on more flooring for both the Petite Dreams house and the puzzle house. In addition today, I went ahead and started gluing on siding strips for the Puzzle house... Going to be different than what I'd do for myself, but I think it aught to be perfect for my friend(at least I hope!)

So all in all, today was at least a better day than I had over the weekend. And a very well needed pick me up if I do say so myself. Until tomorrow guys.  :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sorry guys, managed to get an unexpected trojan on the computer the other day... Between trying to clean and repair computer, and helping a friend move -- hadn't been able to get anything done with either the computer or mini-ing.

By tomorrow though I've a feeling I'll be back in the swing of things... hopefully!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know, I know -- another late post

Seems the more I try to straighten up my sleep schedule, the more topsy turvy it becomes. Ah well, someday I may actually be semi-normal with it, but til then... Not too much mini-ing to update with, other than that I've been cutting up cardstock in wee itty bitty squares. Going to try these for my kitchen tile, as I'm not liking my painting right now.

We'll see how it goes. lol

Til tomorrow guys.  =]

Nothing to post...

Sorry guys, nothing to post for yesterday. Basically between work, then yard work, and finally trying to iron out details in helping my friend move today -- well, no mini-ing to be spoken of. Worried about others, but am keeping them in my thoughts and prayers...

Hope everyone else is well...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Little squares...

Sooo, not a whole lot to update on the puzzle house work today... Other than I always seem to do things the difficult way before I think to do it the easy way. One of these days I will hopefully learn!!! lol Anyways, decided since I was trying to work in some of the black and red amongst the purple that will be the main color theme of the house, I'd do a nod to black and white tile, diner style :) for the kitchen.

To do this I grabbed one of those trusty self-healing mats that are measured out by inches. Thankfully this one then goes down as far as 1/4", thus how I got my measurement drawn with pencil... It's been painting every intermittent block that's been making me question why I didn't just use a printie for tile?!? lol Ah well, I wanted this to be a gift that was as homemade and hand fashioned as I could -- this definitely qualifies!

Hope everyone's having a good one!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quick post

Just a quick post to wish all of those who are celebrating the day a Happy Mom's day whether your children are 2-legged or 4. As far as mini-ing went for me today, managed to bring in some spray painted pieces and started to fit paper to rooms. Other than that not a whole lot of mini-ing today, but a whole lot of baking. Good day all in all!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More fun w/spray paint!

Updating early today because I'll be out later seeing old friends(haven't gotten to see them in a decade+!) So for what has been accomplished, got another skim coat of spray paint on the last few of the pieces of the puzzle house that needed it. Rather glad I picked this one back up, needed a change of pace from the other dollhouses I've been working on. lol

Besides that though I did pull the heat gun out again today and removed more bubblegum pink paint from the Townhouse... For some reason brick keeps sticking in my mind for at least part of it, so I may well end up having a good bit of time with the dremel tool. Don't know for sure yet, so I guess we'll see.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 6, 2011

More puzzle house today!

Well after dryfitting everything, decided to glue what pieces I could(like the awnings and porch railings) and then do a couple quick primer coats with spraypaint. Unfortunately as Mother Nature decided to spring a small thunderstorm this afternoon, those pieces are still out drying in the shop. I already have wallpaper picked out for a few of the rooms -- it'll be purple themed for my friend. Her favorite colors are purple of any shade, red, and black of all colors to try and combine... Figured out how to get the black in, shingles and possibly a black and white checked kitchen floor. Purple will be on the wallpaper and possibly the siding strips... Still puzzling over the red though!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Puzzle house...

Well, nothing at all was done mini-ing wise with either the Tiffani or Petite Dreams home today. However, the puzzle house that looks like the mini Tennyson -- completely dry fitted today... You know so I could figure out exactly what I wanted to change in regards to parts and pieces. lol

As I'm typing this up a bit early I'm waiting on a base coat of paint to dry on some pieces, and glue to dry on parts like the awnings and supports. All told I think I'm going to be trimming off a good bit of excess wood. At least to me what appears to be excess, when I'm done I truly want this to look like a miniature house -- not so much puzzle as advertised. Think tonight while I'm waiting on these pieces to dry I'm going to attempt some half scale puzzle furniture... Can't even begin to tell you how much I've been looking forward to this part of it! lol

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yes, sad but true -- this is what I spent most of my mini time on today. At least I should be able to find everything in clearly delineated spots now... Of course every time I do this it takes me 20 more minutes to find what it was I was looking for. lol Ah well, crossing my fingers that this might actually work for both my minis and the new home office area.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not too much mini wise... but a bit

Well guys, oddly enough this whole having a life change bit has distracted me from my mini-ing for the moment. lol Nothing like getting a new job which is changing my sleep and awakening patterns; plus the very real possibility of a guy that has not only brains, charisma, and humor to distract me as well. That second one also has me looking at my closet and thinking I need some new heels(he's over a foot taller than me!) But to say the very least, I am enjoying myself a good bit.  :) Will give everyone the head's up though that things here on the blog may be screwy for the next month or so while I'm going through training and whatnot for the job.

Okay, now to the important stuff! Today while I didn't do a whole lot I did use some of my salvaged wood flooring from the Townhouse to make a bench seat/shelf of sorts and finish that off on Miss Tiffani. In addition, while I've had most all of the window frames that came with the kit stained and ready, hadn't glued the interior frames on -- finally started on that. Also, managed to dig out a couple of press molds to make my stone look with clay -- knowing my luck with clays so far, this is completely experimental. lol

Dollhouse Miniature The Tennyson Dollhouse by GreenleafLast but not least while I was getting bored before being invited out for movie watching tonight, I was listening to YouTube and browsing on-line for mini possibilities. Decided to pull out one of my Puzzle Houses to work on... Given I'm not putting it together like it's supposed to be so much as punching out pieces and looking at the picture. When I do get stumped then I've been referring to the numbered key. The one I'm working on looks like a half scale version of the Tennyson Dollhouse by Greenleaf.

Not completely together yet, but hoping I'll be able to whip it together pretty quickly to clear off a shelf section for what is hopefully going to become my new home office. I've had the main section of the house done, just not all the little trim pieces... of which there are a good number. lol

Until tomorrow, hope everyone's doing great!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy day!

Didn't do too much in mini-ville today other than organize and clean up my work areas. Had to do this to set up a corner of the room as a home office anyways. If you're wondering yes I got the job. An hour and a half long interview -- but totally worth it in my mind for all the pluses I can see with it. This will be less time working, full benefits that I will no longer have to provide for myself, and basically will be doubling my income. Just doesn't get any better I don't think... Oh that's right it does, because it leaves me more mini-ing time! lol  Last but not least it leaves me more of a chance to help my folks out more, seeing as my sister has never felt a need to do anything other than take money out of their pockets. I'm glad if nothing else that they at least know now if I'm helping to support them, then they aren't to be taking my money and handing it off to pay for foolishness. Bitter sweet I suppose, but better at least for them and I suppose for me.

That's all to update for now, hopefully I'll get some real work in to write about tomorrow.  :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not much...

Not much to update on other than that I've selected materials, cut them to size, and went ahead and tried my hand at using liquid starch to stiffen them to be hung up as wall coverings. That's about all I can update with for now, going to try and hit the sack. Early morning interview and I'd like to think I have some sleep under my belt...