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Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy day!

Didn't do too much in mini-ville today other than organize and clean up my work areas. Had to do this to set up a corner of the room as a home office anyways. If you're wondering yes I got the job. An hour and a half long interview -- but totally worth it in my mind for all the pluses I can see with it. This will be less time working, full benefits that I will no longer have to provide for myself, and basically will be doubling my income. Just doesn't get any better I don't think... Oh that's right it does, because it leaves me more mini-ing time! lol  Last but not least it leaves me more of a chance to help my folks out more, seeing as my sister has never felt a need to do anything other than take money out of their pockets. I'm glad if nothing else that they at least know now if I'm helping to support them, then they aren't to be taking my money and handing it off to pay for foolishness. Bitter sweet I suppose, but better at least for them and I suppose for me.

That's all to update for now, hopefully I'll get some real work in to write about tomorrow.  :)

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