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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not too much mini wise... but a bit

Well guys, oddly enough this whole having a life change bit has distracted me from my mini-ing for the moment. lol Nothing like getting a new job which is changing my sleep and awakening patterns; plus the very real possibility of a guy that has not only brains, charisma, and humor to distract me as well. That second one also has me looking at my closet and thinking I need some new heels(he's over a foot taller than me!) But to say the very least, I am enjoying myself a good bit.  :) Will give everyone the head's up though that things here on the blog may be screwy for the next month or so while I'm going through training and whatnot for the job.

Okay, now to the important stuff! Today while I didn't do a whole lot I did use some of my salvaged wood flooring from the Townhouse to make a bench seat/shelf of sorts and finish that off on Miss Tiffani. In addition, while I've had most all of the window frames that came with the kit stained and ready, hadn't glued the interior frames on -- finally started on that. Also, managed to dig out a couple of press molds to make my stone look with clay -- knowing my luck with clays so far, this is completely experimental. lol

Dollhouse Miniature The Tennyson Dollhouse by GreenleafLast but not least while I was getting bored before being invited out for movie watching tonight, I was listening to YouTube and browsing on-line for mini possibilities. Decided to pull out one of my Puzzle Houses to work on... Given I'm not putting it together like it's supposed to be so much as punching out pieces and looking at the picture. When I do get stumped then I've been referring to the numbered key. The one I'm working on looks like a half scale version of the Tennyson Dollhouse by Greenleaf.

Not completely together yet, but hoping I'll be able to whip it together pretty quickly to clear off a shelf section for what is hopefully going to become my new home office. I've had the main section of the house done, just not all the little trim pieces... of which there are a good number. lol

Until tomorrow, hope everyone's doing great!

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