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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This and that....

Just in case anyone was wondering about the last couple of weeks and my actually going out -- I'm chalking that up to a nice attempt, but basically an epic fail. Why it should be so hard to find those in life who embrace honesty so much as I do myself -- I don't know. But I especially don't like to find that someone has specifically set out to present me with an image they think I would like best, as opposed to being themselves... Which given had they been who they were from the start we wouldn't have wasted time, because I've no use for bigots and hypocrites. Was always raised don't judge a book by it's cover, in this case I didn't -- but it seems this guy did, often. Just feel sorry for him, and hope sincerely that he may mature and grow up at some point. He probably has no real idea as to how much in life he's missing out on by judging so many... There's my depressing point for the day, but at least on the bright side he did get me out and about again. Key will be if he happens out this weekend just how he acts, could be sickly amusing in a weird way. I'll update I suppose if that happens, just have to see how it goes...  :S

Anyways as to mini-ing, today I used most of my mini-ing time to look up color scheme inspirations for the Harrison, and also some different ideas for the rooms of the Petite Dreams dollhouse I have yet to do. Also, should be getting a quart of free paint here with-in the next week. I will definitely post pics and hope it's not so virulent a color as what I ended up with with my last sample attempt. lol May well end up mixing them to tone the first down... Which could work out fairly well now that I think of it!  :)

For now though I'm going to go back to looking at more wall covering options, and exterior paint for the Harrison. As Ms. Tiffani has already been done in the traditional Tudor look I think that Mr. Harrison will be going with something more modern. Still have the Tudor styling, but a more modern color scheme... Plus I have to still get more work done on the secretive project for my niece Adrianna... hoping that'll be a hit, even if it can't technically be touched by her for a few years. Still aught to be useful now for her I think.  :)

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