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Monday, May 9, 2011

Little squares...

Sooo, not a whole lot to update on the puzzle house work today... Other than I always seem to do things the difficult way before I think to do it the easy way. One of these days I will hopefully learn!!! lol Anyways, decided since I was trying to work in some of the black and red amongst the purple that will be the main color theme of the house, I'd do a nod to black and white tile, diner style :) for the kitchen.

To do this I grabbed one of those trusty self-healing mats that are measured out by inches. Thankfully this one then goes down as far as 1/4", thus how I got my measurement drawn with pencil... It's been painting every intermittent block that's been making me question why I didn't just use a printie for tile?!? lol Ah well, I wanted this to be a gift that was as homemade and hand fashioned as I could -- this definitely qualifies!

Hope everyone's having a good one!

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