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Monday, April 4, 2011

Not yet...

Where I'm at so far.

Okay, so like my pattern of before when I say I'm looking to have something done at a set time -- I don't. lol I'd apologize, but a couple of things came up and I figure to deal with them now and have a nice finished product in the end. Was really thinking this was the bestest clay I've used as I'd had no cracking, had to turn the heater on last night due to the cold though -- and of course woke up to not one but several cracks in the morning. Had made some extra clay though and just rolled snakes of it and shimmied it into the cracks to fill them up. So, had to wait on that to dry before being able to get the rest of my photos of that. :/

Part of the label on box #1
Good news today though -- the Bay Mansion showed up, and goodness is it BIG! The kit that I got was evidently the "upgraded" version with the windows and doors included. It came in 3 boxes, the first of which was about 50 lbs, the second was about 20 lbs, and the third was 14 lbs if I'm recalling this correctly. Add 20 lbs to that and in pieces with no additions this puppy weighs just about as much as I do. Box #1 is also almost as tall as me too... ;)

Still waiting on the directions from Walmer, though I talked with their representative and she's hoping to have news for me tomorrow in regards to this. Soo, tonight though I've promised myself I'm not starting on this til I get some of my other projects completed I did at least open the boxes and have fun looking through all the pieces. I find it funny I could do so, because I remember opening that first kit box for my niece Alyssa's Laurel -- pure horror! lol Truly it was like "How do you make a house from THIS?" Found out though, you can do it and it's quite addicting... Probably why I'm still glancing at the boxes, taking out various pieces, and quite simply grinning like a loon!

Have to say though one thing I've really enjoyed with this is seeing some of the paperwork that came with it. Like the original COD slip, the packing slips, the label from the store I presume it was bought from,  and the labeled subpacks... Just seems very much like by putting it together I'll join a link with so many others that have already made their mark. That sounds more grandiose than what I care for, so I guess simply put -- I like the idea that I'll be able to make this into a structure that was worth the time and effort they put into it... at least I hope I can. Guess only time will tell, but I really want to get my hands on this!

Til tomorrow I'll leave you with a few pics of the paper trail I'm finding in the boxes...
Kit delineation

Store I'm presuming it was bought from
Amount paid in 1983, made me realize again the great deal I got!

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