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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This and that today...

Today was a little bit of this and that today, basically as far as the Petite Dreams house goes -- still have yet to make myself happy with the puzzle floor. Wondering if it's not my fault in rolling it too thick as to why I'm still having issues with cracking? Going to attempt to fill the cracks again with the last bit of my first batch of cold porcelain. If it doesn't work out, I have to figure I either rolled it too thick... or maybe didn't mix it up as well as I thought the first go around. Nah! lol If I don't get rid of the cracks this go around I'll just settle into the kitchen to make up another small batch until I get it right. If I'm nothing else, I'm persistent! It will be right or not at all. lol

Also, found a great site last night in my browsing to find instructions for the Bay Mansion! It's called the Dollhouse Workshop and Builder's Forum. I believe this was started by one of the founders of the Small Stuff forum on Yahoo, but can't guarantee it. As it is, they collect directions for kits from companies that have gone out of business. If you are looking for directions for a kit, you have only to ask -- if they have them, they'll post 'em! Cannot begin to tell you how glad I am I came across this site last night, and yeah I bookmarked it!  :)

Which brings me to one of my downer points for the day... I had also e-mailed an on-line store by the name of The Dollhouse and Miniatures Shoppe. I will give this party their due in that they have components for certain houses that you can't readily find elsewhere. As it was, they had the Bay Mansion porch posts listed -- so thought it was worth a shot at least to see if they might have the directions for the kit, or know of a source that I may be able find them. At least I got a reply, but it was rather much like salt in a wide open gaping wound to be told sorry, I have them -- and I'm not sharing. lol

I have to pity this poor person, whomever they may be, for the simple matter that since day 1 of my journey into miniatures -- everyone it seems I've come across has been so kind and sharing. Then I come across someone like this... I wonder how alone they must be in real life with an attitude like that? Suppose in actuality I can't help but feel as sorry for the poor schmuck as I do for my sister and her husband. I feel sorry for them for their choice of living lies and trying to force those lies onto others, even when knowing the truth. Just as I feel sorry for this person for trying to make themself out to feel better by being what I can only say after reading the e-mail was cruel.

No matter what I may need in the future, I will not be shopping from their site -- ever. But, I will keep my fingers crossed that doc may come through on the Dollhouse Workshop and Builder's Forum. For now I ask for anyone who's willing to keep their fingers crossed for my brother beagle tomorrow, we'll be taking him to the vet. Thinking he has some sort of allergy that has him nibbling himself raw. :(

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