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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Had fun... :)

Okay... I admit -- I came home and logging into Blogger was the last thing on my mind last night. Yes, from that you all can assume I had fun. I honestly think he was the most well behaved gentleman last night I've had the pleasure to go out and spend time with. Not only that but we had fun, played pool half the night while talking philosophy and politics -- of which we were in basic agreement about. Found that totally amusing as I tend to be an odd duck out where I live with some of my thoughts. Conservative on some points, and as I've been told annoyingly liberal on others -- he's the same blessed way. lol Still had some good points of discussion though, and had fun throughout. Hoping to do this again soon.

So to get back to dollhousing related business. Applied more thatch to the main part of the Tiffani's roof, the addition is already covered. I have also started laying out the last floor that I have to finish for this -- and then wonderfully enough she aught to be done. Hope to have final pics up of her soon, then try to focus on finishing up the Petite Dreams home and work on my niece's gifts for their upcoming birthdays. One in June, one in July -- so yeah, no rest for the weary. lol

Hope you all are doing great, until tomorrow :)

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