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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Actually early!

Haven't worked on "inside" houses too much today. Have spent a good portion of the day out in the shop however! Proud to announce that with the wonderful heat gun I have removed all of the exterior trim on the Victorian Townhouse, have also removed all of the interior trim from the top two floors as well. This just leaves the trim and the remaining "hardwood" flooring of the first floor. I've also gotten all of the flooring off of the top two floors as well as the wallpaper! :)

Funny, because so far every time I have looked at this dollhouse I've had the thought of "What am I going to do with you?!?" Now that I'm getting some of the stuff out of it like the broken window and door frames -- seems like I'm finally getting some good visuals in my mind as to what it can be. I still love the idea of doing it up like an apartment building or perhaps leave it as a one family dwelling -- but really trick it out... Like leave siding(though corrected to be in scale for 1:12) on the bay, and then make the majority of the sides and front be bricked... Perhaps with a bit of a colored stucco around the top, and some added corbels around the roof edge. Not completely sure which bent I'm going to follow on this, but the ideas are surely cooking now at least!

I've also managed to wallpaper another wall in the Petite Dreams home, don't think I updated on here when I got that done. Since I don't see going back out to the shop tonight, I think I'm going to attempt to finish up the faux pocket doors between the kids bedrooms... Have also really been thinking about if I can still hinge the front. Would want to recess the hinges into the wall so they aren't sticking out and unsightly, but that way the girls could really have full access to all the rooms. That's going to require a bit more planning on my part... I really want this to be a dollhouse that they not only enjoy now, but can look back on in a decade or two and hopefully have some great memories.

Until tomorrow, hope you all are safe and happy. Have a good one. :)

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