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Monday, April 11, 2011

Refitting beams...

Miss Tiffani in dry fit...

As mentioned yesterday Miss Tiffani and I had been working at getting her spiffied up. She now has a good bit of "stucco" look to her with the paper, and I am putting her beams back in. Had previously glued them, but went ahead and pulled them out to make sure I could get the entirety of the ceiling stuccoed(papered). As she stands now we've only to finish with her thatch roof, and finish dressing her floors. Then we'll see about some furnishings. Odd as it may seem but I've had a story line in my mind for this one's inhabitant. Just have yet to try and make her... Seems while I fell confident enough in sculpting with foods like fondant etc -- not so much in clay. Going to have to overcome that though, and soon from the way this house is flying together now.

As for the Petite Dreams home, have started on my second attempt at the flooring for the nursery. Trying Stonex clay for this attempt, actually forgot I had this on hand. So maybe this will get me comfortable enough with clay handling to give a go at the cold porcelain clay again. I already know that I like the feel of that better than this, but I don't like to see anything go to waste without trying it first. Sooo, I'll let you know how that goes in a day or so once it's all dry(crossing my fingers).

Also, last bit for the day -- trying my hand at mini blankets. Going to attempt at least two, and do them differently. If all turns out well, I may finally have a tutorial or two to post soon. :)

Until tomorrow, have a great one!

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