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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick one today...

Going to be a quick post today, for the simple reason -- I found a new tool out in the shop... and I've been having a lot of fun! lol I'd heard there were plenty of uses for heat guns, and I'll throw out the common sense warning of they're hot so be careful. But the town house will no longer be that icky bubble gum pink coloration! The heat gun has been so good at bubbling it up, so I can scrape the paint right off :)

Besides this I also figured out I'll be using my utility knives and dremel tool a good bit, but I can change the siding that was milled into this pretty easily to be 1:12 as opposed to play scale. That has made my pretty happy as well. Think I just needed a day or so away from the Petite Dreams house, and the town house is big enough and just sitting out there staring at me when I go out to work...

Going to try and be good and update with pictures on all my various projects I've been working on with-in the next day or two. Til then, have a great one!

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