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Thursday, April 21, 2011

So late.. I'm seemingly early! lol

Sorry guys, was the first day of a new job -- when I finished up I treated myself to a great old fashioned fried dinner and a night of relaxing thereafter. On the bright side while glued to a headset and computer isn't all that fun, it has it's perks that I'm working with my dog and cat by my side... and that I get to browse on-line looking for mini inspirations. There's a lot out there, and it amazed me how even a word difference can bring up a whole new slew of possibilities. :)

I've also figured out one other point in regards to past work I've attempted to do and share. The Cold Porcelain I previously posted about -- it was all my doing, I thought I'd applied it too thick to the floor. Wasn't the case, but what I did do was cook it too much! Sooo, now that I've figured out my idiocy I'm going to attempt a new batch and see if I can't create some mini magic with it. Another blog I follow is Katie's Clay Corner -- she uses more polymer clay like Fimo and such, but very inspirational!

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