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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paper clip fun!

Not too much to update with today. So will attempt to at least keep a happy point on here for the day... Namely the point that at least there is still a thing or two to be smiled upon today! Such as that I did complete a couple things today. Not much but at least a couple things... lol

Number one that I did get my wall from the other day completed in decor, with the horse/barn bit done. Mainly in that I was trying to figure out what I was going to do on the other walls of that room. Wanted to continue the look of aged barn wood, but not the entire wall -- think it would just look too dark then. Managed however to find some fun paper clips at the grocery store the other day, they look very similar to the link on the left but are red, white, and blue. So, was able to glue some above the door. Now I'll be able to work in some mini print flag fabric on part of the walls and have it tie in with the paper clip decoration. Meaning not only will I be able to work in the horses, but also a bit of a patriotic nod as well. Two of the girls' dad was a marine, and the whole family is very proud of his service -- most especially his daughters!  :)

Also, got a bit more done today in regards to furniture possibilities, well at least to what I may be getting. Specifically, in that anyone who has gotten stuff from JBM Miniatures may like to hear that they are starting to sell retail now! Just go to their new site to buy some of their new furniture or to at least look around. :) Not much more to mention today, but at least that... For now though that aught to do it...

Til tomorrow.

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