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Friday, March 11, 2011

More of the same...

Not a whole lot of mini-ing today, have been trying to make sure that relatives and friends both on the west coast and currently stationed in Japan are safe with the tsunamis and earthquake. Thankfully, have finally heard from the last of them -- and they are all accounted for and safe. :)
Also, off the subject of dollhousing today I have another mini that's appeared and will soon be ready to be planted. It's my ornamental pineapple, a plant that I got when I took my one and only vacation several years ago to the Keys. When it fruits, the pinapples bloom with different colored blooms this one has so far shown both blue and pink blossoms. Quite pretty and the pineapple itself looks like it aught to be about an inch or so in final size.

As for the dollhouse today I've still been working on cutting veneer and laying it, and went ahead and have still been trimming popsicle sticks for more wainscoting. I also broke out the tin snips, and have been shaping the side panels of the tin I used the lid for the dining room ceiling so that I'll have matching wainscot panels if I can figure on framing them with some smaller wood trim.

Besides that I also found a pattern for the kitchen ceiling(again,) and went ahead and printed that out on cardstock earlier. Was going to layer it on to another piece of cardstock, but found some old watercolor paper that has more give to it. That way when I layer these together to emboss the tile pattern it aught to show better, at least that's my sincere hope. For now not too much more to add so I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

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