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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ahhh... :)

I really don't have too much to blog about today... Other than that I have two kits in the mail as of today!!! The first being my Bay Mansion kit, and the second one that I won't be posting about until after the fact. The second is being done for my niece Adrianna, and basically will be doubling as a night light for the next little bit. :)

Only other thing that I've really been looking into are the different possibilities for doll sculpting clays. Seems a lot are huge fans of Creative Paperclay, whereas others seem to prefer Fimo and Sculpey. For myself, I'm just trying to find that which will be most forgiving. The Paperclay has the plus of being an air drying clay, but in the same breath I can see that as being equally bad... Just going to have to keep up researching, and possible experimentation in small quantities until I can make up my mind.

Hope everyone's having a good one. :)

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