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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tired... gonna make this a quick one.

Tired, so very very tired! Something about being in a car for long periods of time that does that to me... Today, I was in a car quite a bit longer than I had expected to be. Was a few hours to get where the Town House was located, remember I live in a rural area -- just getting out of the county from where I'm at is about half an hour to 45 minutes. Trip up though wasn't so bad, getting to the location and realizing that after the last two days of solidifying plans to meet with this woman to pick the house up AND she wasn't there... That left a lot to be desired! As is, once I finally got through to her on her cell she let me know it would be an additional bit of time but she would be home. Basically, this amounted to me having to waste a couple of hours after already being in the car for about three. I was not happy.

There is a bright side though... Found a scrapbooking store and got some neat paper! If you'll all remember for the nursery I've been working on puzzle piece flooring, but today I found textured cardstock that not only looks 3-D but has the texture to prove it. It's Lego Paper by Creative Imaginations. I got a sheet of the yellow b/c that was the only color they had -- but I can see lots of possibilities with this... oh yes I can! Btw, these were one of my all time favorite toys growing up, so I'll warn you I may be a bit biased. lol

Next up I got some more textured white cardstock to double as ceiling paper, different pattern than what I've currently got on hand. Last bit of paper I got is put out by a company of the name, and this to me is looking like encaustic tile. The name of the pattern is Honeycomb from the Queen Bee Collection.

Have to say the dollhouse is still in the back of the car, as when I got home to top the day off -- we had no power! At least it was turned on about an hour ago, and I live in a rural enough area going for several weeks is not unheard of. lol So that was a definitive high note.

Going to try and get a picture or two tomorrow of the house, it's not in so bad a shape as it was made out to be. I think the most depressing thing for me to see with it, is the house wasn't in so bad a shape(other than the color which will be changed) originally -- but I think it was left downstairs in the basement to amuse the kids. Which to them meant ripping out the chandeliers and ceiling fans(all supposedly worked but I'll never know since they've not been  located), and breaking all the windows and doors. What surprised me however is it appears that the wallpaper isn't half bad, unfortunately I'll still have to remove it to get down to the tapewire and see what's what, and also to redo the floor/ceiling placement.

For now though I'm going to go jump into pjs and relax with my animals. Night all

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  1. Hi Kelli! Thank you for stopping by my blog:) ......After reading your comment, I thought I'd come over and tell you I can't bend my little toe either! I broke it so many times as a kid! It's nice to hear that I'm not alone with that, lol. My kids think it's the strangest thing. Again! Thank-you for sharing your 'story' with me:)