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Monday, March 7, 2011

Looks to be so little...

By that lovely title I just mean to say that while I felt I made some definite progress on different aspects of the Victorian today, it just doesn't look like I accomplished a whole lot. lol To update though I did manage to finish etching in stone work on the base(had a small section which still needed drywall mud), glued in the parquet tiles for the second floor sitting room/library(not completely sure what the room will be), also glued in a popsicle stick hall floor, and then last but not least made more progress on my slate patio for the rooftop, oh -- and I also cut out my "marble" for my other second floor hallway.

For now though that's all I can really update on for the day, and as I've been battling the beginning stages of a nasty headache for the last day or so. I will admit to this though, I have my eye on another house project(strictly a kit at this point in a number of boxes,) not so sure why I'm even looking at it other than that the price is quite nice and it can take the place of my Fernbrook once that gets pulled out and built. Somewhat like I need to know I have another project waiting for me when I'm ready? Lord, I'm beginning to sound like a dollhouse hoarder. lol Thankfully, I've not reached stages so bad as that -- but I am beginning to have the start of a nice kit collection. For now I think I'm going to go make a list as to the pros and cons of this possible kit... ;)

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