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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gearing up for a road trip!

Yuppers, that is correct -- tomorrow I have actually managed to have the fates align to go pick up the RGT Playscale Victorian Townhouse. This was a Craigslist find, but then ended up being free. I think this house was originally bought as a rehab for her daughter and when she didn't take to it just sat and collected dust for the last number of years. So officially tomorrow I go to pick up my first RGT house... then by next week I should have my second with a birthday gift I'm trying to get a start on for my niece.

So my basic planned order of houses being worked on is to finish up the Petite Dreams dollhouse, and get that over to it's new home. As far as I'm aware the girls don't know anything in regards to it yet -- so it should be a complete surprise! Hopefully one that they not only enjoy, but are able to work through some issues with their grandma if need be. Then I'd like to start on the townhouse or the Bay Mansion but I'll actually try and get the other RGT kit knocked out to make sure that birthday gift is done by July. It's half scale so I'm hoping to get it done fairly quickly and be awesome for her.  :)

Then it will be on to one of the mansions -- either the townhouse, which will be needing to be disassembled first and then bashed into more proportionate aspects for a 1:12th scale house and then put back together, or the Bay Mansion. Before I start on either of those indoor though, I will need to move around or get rid of furniture to fit them in. For now I'll be putting the townhouse out in the shop along side of my Harrison to await me.

Now on to the promised blog link I found yesterday to give an idea as to what the Bay Mansion could look like. I've enjoyed scanning her blog and have found it not only entertaining but educational in regards to the different types of dolls out there. Hope this one might be enjoyed by you all as well, it is called Susan's Mini Homes. If you are wanting a more finished preview of the mansion she has named hers Mindolton Manor. Just list that in the search box and it'll come up with several different articles. Neat thing I learned in regards to this from searching her pics and articles -- the house is open in the back but hinged to open in the front as well... Just keeps getting better and better!

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