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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quick one...

Just wanted to make sure I updated this today really quick. Still have been doing those lovely little veneer strips(typed just a bit sarcastically) lol, and also started scoring some pine veneer. Hoping the scored pine will make some nice looking planks for the center panel of flooring. Will in all likelihood stain it with either cherry or a maple, but have yet to decide until I compare how the color comes out on a piece of scrap.

As for other dollhouse related news, I don't know how many others out there are/or have been involved in the Greenleaf annual Spring Fling -- but I have been anxiously checking their site and my e-mail to see what the project will be this year... I also am checking to see if I can afford it or have any ideas for it. lol If I can and do, this would be the first contest of sorts I would enter into in regards to miniatures. Funny because I know there is still so much I feel I aught to be doing better, but that's the fun part -- the learning as you go I mean.

I can tell just from what my niece Alyssa's house was made into, to what I'm doing on the other house projects I have going now -- huge improvement! At least in my opinion. Though I think that first house will always hold a special memory if for no other reason how much I learned with it, and the smile I saw on Christmas morning.

For now though I'm going back to checking for updates while I cut more veneer. Hope everyone has a good day!

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