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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rooftop patio stone -- redone!

Old "slate" roof stenciled...

Okay, so as mentioned wasn't so fond of my stenciling work for the look of the rooftop patio. Wasn't horrible I realize, but I wanted to go for as realistic and not so stylized as what it was appearing to be. Sooo, after a lot of consideration -- realized while I was cutting my rl vinyl tile for the marble flooring look(I'll try to get pics of that up soon) that I had the answer to the patio problem in my hands!

New slate roof out of floor tile
To explain, while cutting my flooring into the properly shaped pieces for my pattern I noticed that when the laminate and paper on top was cut there was a composite of varying gray shades underneath. Being that I can get easily distracted at times(though thankfully still working on the same house lol,) I decided to see if I couldn't remove the entirety of the laminate top. If anyone else tries this I suggest either a blow dryer(what I used) or a heat gun -- just be careful so as not to catch anything on fire or get it too hot to handle.

Anyways, was able to heat the top and slip the Xacto knife underneath to peel the laminate off. After doing this I then took my ruler and marked out 1/2" intervals to make my rows for the stone. Then just cut at a 45 degree angle to the pencil line and removed that portion of tile. After of course the individual stones are being cut with the same process -- given I'm not marking all of these. Basically just eyeballing it and enjoying the not so perfect outcome. I really like the way these are coming out though, a lot more dimensionality to them with color and texture I think.

When I do manage to finish up cutting the individual stones I intend to then just glue the whole tile onto the rooftop with tacky glue and then seal it with some matte ModPodge Crossing my fingers that it all comes out as nicely as I'm hoping for, but either way -- definitely liking this option better. Tomorrow if I can I'll see if I can't upload some pics of the flooring I've been working on for the second floor -- and also find something to replace my kitchen ceiling option(had a slight mishap with my cat and that.)

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