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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Craft store day

Today I didn't actually do too much with the house itself, other than I did make up some walls from foam board. I may still break down and actually get some of those nifty room dividers of laser cut wood -- but I just don't see spending that sort of money on a house I know is probably going to get some rough play. Maybe when they're older. lol

As is, I did finally get a day trip with my mom to go check out craft/hardware stores. She had told me there was a Michael's about an hour away along with a Crafts 2000 and some other fun little shops. Unfortunately the Michael's was closed, so I still have yet to ever set foot in one of those. Crafts 2000 which I normally love, I found this one to be waaaay overpriced on most of their products. Found a couple good deals so it wasn't a total bust, but it was a disappointment. First place I've been they wanted $1.00+ for a piece of scrapbook paper! Thought that was totally nuts...

So my bright side for the day is I got some cool tile to use in one of the big dollhouses I'll be making/rehabbing soon, and some more glue. Other than that not too much to report for the day, other than to also mention along with the glue I bought a couple boxes of corn starch. If my plans work out, it will be another way to be creative for a whole lot less. I'll share once I do this experiment on whether it works or not...

Till tomorrow have a good one!

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