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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wrestling match

At least that's what it felt like getting the townhouse out of the car today! lol That sucker is not only big and unwieldy but really heavy! At least on the bright side if small children were to play with it I don't think there'd be a chance of it being knocked over. Though I have to laugh when I think of the picture posted on the RGT site of the two girls playing with this, it is literally not even a 3 inch difference in height between this house and myself.

Took some close-up pics of the inside as well as the outside, but only going to post a few to let ya all know where I'm at in my thoughts on this -- and heck if anyone else has an opinion please feel free to comment! First off, as I've already stated this is a playscale or 1:6 scale dollhouse, I intend to change it to 1:12. So right away I know it aught to be an interesting endeavor. lol But, it's been stuck in my head so I figure what the hey might as well try. At the very worst possibility I end up rebuilding it or rehabbing til I feel like I've done it justice. For now I've nicknamed it the Pink Elephant due to the overly plasticized look it has with the paint -- really shiny, and I don't like it one bit.

Also, found the entire house had been wired and the lady's son ripped out all the lights and destroyed them. So will basically have to redo the wiring, which I had figured on but I still find it sad. Though I'm trying to think of this in the realistic manner that I would in all likelihood have had to replace the fixtures to be compatible to the scale I'm going to attempt to redo this in.. But to share a pic of the holes in the ceiling -- look to the left.

In this picture you'll also see that there are chair rail, crown, and base board moldings in this. They are all there throughout the house, and I hope to be able to re-use them when I get this all put back together. The very far left of this shows what was supposed to be a closet, though I think I will be taking that out. The other main difference I hope to make on this is either extend the front wall section out to what would have been a sun deck with no way to get to, other than if you had action Barbie who liked to repel down the roof to get a tan... Myself, I just don't see it. lol So instead will either extend the room to match the first two floors in layout, or at the very least pull out the saw and cut a door to access the "deck."

The shingles for as much as I like these, I am probably going to remove them for the simple matter again of scale, and to be able to tapewire easier if I choose to go that route again on this. Also, it appears that they have been dampened so that some show the water stains while others don't. On the bright side I intend to save them as I'm sure I'll come up with something else to use them for. This also leads to the flooring, didn't expect the house to have this -- and given it's in rough shape, but I believe I'll be able to use it and patch it up in at least a few rooms.  :)

For now I don't have much more to say in regards to this, other than that I'm trying to decide if I'm going to leave it with siding on the outside... or go ahead and do drywall compound modeled to look like either stone or brick, for more of an old brownstone look. The only reason why that's not really working in my mind now is because of the bay on the front. Wondering now if it's destined to be made into another mini mansion -- because if so, then I'm going to have to add on. The shape just doesn't work in my mind for that option... Still searcing for inspiration as to what will work.

Basically just going to focus(or at least attempt) on finishing up my Petite Dreams rehab, and possibly shoot for finishing the Tiffani as well. Then just maybe I'll allow myself the pleasure of starting one of the giants. lol

Until tomorrow, hope it's a good one for all!

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