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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A lil bit of this and that

As evidenced by the title today, I had a hard time focusing... I know that's not a real surprise at all. lol For the day though I did manage to keep working on the veneer strips being cut and glued in place -- which I promise you, doesn't sound like a lot of work but most certainly is time consuming. Btw, the link to the left is to Amazon -- and is a good example of the veneer sampler pack I got off ebay. Only difference is that this one has more for less. lol

Other main project I worked upon was touching up the plaster stones along the base. Had already done the base coat of gray, and then today attempted to add some touches of different colors to different stones. Hasn't dried completely yet, but I may go back with one or two more color washes to really get it right...

Other than that I've been doing more reading and studying on Victorian styling of their abodes. If nothing else I'll be able to hold my own on what so many would deem useless knowledge, but have to admit -- I really do find it interesting to get that glimpse into another time...

Til tomorrow, hope all's going well with everyone :)

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