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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Repetition is boring...

Yup, you read that right -- repetition is boring... Sometimes I'd say soothing when you want to let your mind wander. Today however, couldn't do that in regards to what I've been trying to focus on(and not succeeding too well!) lol
Anyways, today I chose to work on cutting more strips of veneer for the master bedroom. When I got tired of that I thought I would at least work on cutting some of the popsicle sticks for wainscoting in a couple of the rooms... Back and forth between the two I went, but I have to say really it's been very repetitive and extremely boring. I'll be glad of the work I've put in to it when it all starts coming together -- but right now, it has me yawning. blah

I also started another book called Victorian Style: Classic Rooms of North America by Chen Y Gay, not as much detail as the first. However it has some definite eye candy in regards to getting a feel for the architectural/general style differences between the different regions.. If nothing else I'll be able to keep some of the images in mind for ideas for what I want to achieve with-in this house, and possible inspirational ideas for future homes.

For now though the slave driver won't rest until I get the flooring at the very least finished, and if I'm honest the rest of the wainscoting for at least two rooms. Until tomorrow...

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