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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No minis today...

Okay so that's not really the case. However, I have to admit after having been contacted about the possibility of another rehab house I didn't work on anything here today. Have instead been attempting to figure in my mind if I have room(heck even if I don't I'd still be working to make some,) and also just what I could do with a "mini" house just about as big as me! lol

To clue everyone in I was contacted today about a "Pink wood dollhouse," that a woman had bought to rehab for her daughter at 3 months old. The child is now old enough to make it clearly known she doesn't even care for the thought of it. So as I was told there's a near to 5 ft dollhouse taking up room in this poor woman's basement and she hasn't the slightest as to what to do with it, but does not want to put it on the curb. Which I can only say thank goodness for.

The real question besides the space is the matter of if I would want to keep this as being a play scale(barbie sized) dollhouse, or go about taking out the windows and door -- and then replacing with 1:12th scale, and filling in the wall space as needed. I also believe I've mentioned I'm not a fan of pink -- wouldn't say I hate it, but really not a fan of it at all. But after seeing pictures of this house in all the pink glory, I've already envisioned encasing all the milled in siding with joint compound and making it look very much like I could see a brownstone apartment building looking. I'd have to change the floors, not only drop them down but probably add in another one possibly two dependent on what height I settle on. Was thinking of going for a 10" ceiling height, which would still have the floors dropping down 4" from where they are now... So much to contemplate!

For now though going back to my graph paper and sketching to see what I might come up with yet. Night all.  :)

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