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Monday, February 28, 2011

Great lightening show!

So yeah, being the insomniac I am at the moment I was up most of the night watching all the lightening... While I don't like the rain so much, I do love a good storm! Though I must admit I still feel like I'm in a bit of a slump in regards to working on the house.
So for the day for the work I've managed I've been quite busy with Irfanview and Paint shop. Basically meaning I've been finding bits and pieces I can see as working if not in the Victorian then one of the ever increasing number of houses I seem to be amassing... Who knew it would end up like this? Oh, that's right everyone else who's been bitten by the mini-house bug. lol

Anyways, I also browsed the web and found a great site for parquet patterns. They're based out of the UK and I think have a bit more of a variety than what it seems we have in the US for patterns. The name of the company is Inex Hardwood Floors. What's really nice is if I do ever tire of playing with the various veneers and GL flooring tiles, then I can resize any of the pictures of their medallions or whatnot in Irfanview(free on-line by the way) and then print out for my rooms. Also, if you click on their parquet page not only does it give you a visual as to what the floor could look like, but also a black and white pattern you can print to size and use to make your own.... Probably not what their intent was, but hey if it works!  ;)

For the house itself only other bit I've really done is to finally separate the last two wall panels and get those hideous hinges off. Tomorrow I'm hoping to sand them down and bring them in to paint, so until then hope all is going well for you.

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