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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First floor flooring -- finally done!

I know I've been working on it for a good bit of time, but I really like the way these came out. Not to mention the ceiling's looking pretty good too! My only issue I've been trying to figure on is my proportions for my drywall compound mix.
Had heard on the Greenleaf forum that one can thin drywall mud or spackle with water to get a decent consistency to pipe detail work... Which to say the least I would really like to do, supposed to be similar to cake decorating -- and heck I've been doing that since I was three or four and annoying people in the kitchen to teach me how to do everything I saw. lol

Unfortunately though it seems my consistency is still a bit thin. When I get it though -- it's on! I won't speak for everyone in this fascinating hobby, but I love the creativity that you can show. Don't get me wrong when the mood strikes I can do a passing pencil or pen & ink sketch, I can paint decent cartoons of people(one of the ways I made pocket money way back when,) and several other options like the counted cross stitch and crochet... But with the miniatures I love the ability one has to make something substantial from nothing more than a stack of wood, or in the Victorian's case take something that just looked abandoned and abused -- and let it shine. I'd say let it shine again, but I don't think this house ever got a chance before.. Had to laugh when I was showing some of the before pics of this house to family of sorts tonight, and it was mentioned that it looked like what a crack house could look like.

I don't think it was that bad, but given it certainly by no means was pretty. I think I found my wall covering for the dining area last night. Just trying to research means to apply fabric without screwing it up. Have already decided I would like to try for the tripartite wall look throughout several of the rooms. To do this for the dining area I'll be using the fabric for the fill area of the wall, making some home made wainscot, and then doing some form of crown molding around the top part. Have also been contemplating if I'm going to try and make my built-in shelves have a little more pizazz by doing curved edgings and trimming them out(watching the DIY network and HGTV too much!)

OH, and forgot to mention in the next week I should hopefully be posting pictures of some really pretty wood veneers I'll be receiving. Got a couple of sample packs coming, and if anyone else is interested Valspar is giving away free paint samples and $5 coupons. You can get some great paint colors with that nice eggshell finish so that your dollhouses don't appear like plastic -- one of those little things that I'm just not a fan of. lol

Until tomorrow I'll leave you with a picture of some of the tile option I'm considering for the kitchen. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pics up of the completely finished ceilings for the first floor...

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