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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nothing like the smell of sawdust and fresh paint...

A statement I'm sure that many who look at the surface would never expect to hear me say! lol Ah well, there's one of the problems of people who like to judge a book by it's cover. I have to say though, being that the Victorian is my first house to rehab(Craigslist find for really cheap), I'm really loving the feeling of bringing something that looked abused back to life. Last night I did polyurathane on the wood floor(unfortunately the varnish I intended to use was bad), more Mod Podge on the kitchen area floor to even up the tiles(actually working, wasn't too sure if it would lol), and since I was still feeling like I needed to accomplish more went ahead and added primer(Kilz to block stains) to a couple of walls. If anyone's wondering why the need for Kilz, even after using paint stripper, scraping, and sanding -- the wood had soaked in a good bit of bad color. The above picture is of the floor before and after poly -- the left is the before and the right quite obviously the after. LOVE seeing the wood grain come out and show to it's best!!! I know I'm a geek, but right now that's working well for me as well as the house. lol

Honestly thought I could call this the McDonald's house for the brilliant reds and yellows used on a couple rooms. But it looks so much nicer with plain white to use as a base! Still need to spackle and smooth a few spots on the walls I've primed, but it really feels like this is coming along now. OH, forgot to mention I also found a Celtic knot inspired pattern to use for the dining area floor. Which will in all likelihood be done with the dark and light alternating wood colors... Not sure why, but the color variation really seems to be something I like right now, so I'm just going to go with it and see what comes.

Other matter that I'm still mulling over for this house before I start putting walls up is whether or not I should go ahead and attempt wiring on this as well. Reason being that the rooms are a bit dark due to the depth and no side windows(though I may well add a couple extra yet). If I add lighting though I think it would really help to showcase this as a true miniature home -- not just a house. Still getting my feet under me with the lighting of mini houses, but I do so like the idea of making it as true as possible for any little people who may someday call it their home...

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