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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lazy day :)

Today I must admit as being an incredibly lazy day(we all aught to have one ever so often!) Anyways, didn't really work on the house today per se, but did treat myself to working on the first Chrysnbon kit I've ever tried -- the bathroom kit. It has the decidedly Victorian flair I'm working to achieve in this house. Still very much like the idea of it being based on Victorian decorating, but coming through the ages so that there are modern conveniences as well.. Not too sure how it'll all come out but hoping. lol

Also dug through some of my craft stuff I've amassed over the years, whether by my own doing or someone looking at me and saying I'd be more handy with it. That's how the cardstock I came across today came to be in my possession. My mom had attempted scrapbooking quite a few years ago, and then found it too time consuming, she gave me the odds and ends of shaped scissors and odd bits of paper. As it turns out, some of that discarded paper is a very nice marbled effect, and I'm hoping I may be able to work it in in the bathroom with the mosaic tile remnant I found the other day.

For now though, going to get back to the book I started today and keep my hand on the sidekick cat that has yet to leave my side today. Both he and my puppy(okay older dog but thinks he's a pup) Cory tend to not like the thunderstorms so much as I do. Have to say though I did get to watch some magnificent lightening shows tonight -- have always enjoyed those quite a bit. :)

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