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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's official -- I've lost my mind to mini-ing!

What it looked like before...
What it looks like now!
Well, I don't think I've really lost it, more like changed it once again... Had that dining area floor all figured perfectly with the Celtic knotwork parquet pattern, but last night decided I wanted to work on something different. So started finishing up some ceiling work for the first floor..
Finished the living area with no problem, and think it looks quite good. Had seen some other miniaturists that have used the effect of paneled wallpaper to do the ceiling but then trim out some of it, so tried my hand at that -- and I love it! However, I also decided to try one of my ideas for the dining area. Using the lid of an old tin to do a dropped down ceiling panel, and then plaster work around it. Only problem with this is the design does not go with that Celtic floor pattern... So thinking I'm going to figure out something different for my dining room floor, maybe just some regular parquet to be more of a staid look. Don't worry about that knotwork pattern though, it will be used somewhere for sure. Perhaps just in a different room, or a different house -- but it's too good to let go to waste!  : D

Hoping everyone may be having a happy day today(not really a holiday I see any point to, but to each their own,) myself decided no pink or red, flowers or candy, no anything hokey and commercial and I'd be happy for the day. For the most part that's working by my continued work on the houses and cleaning up my general work area(it needed it, badly!)

Figured I'd add in a pic or two today of some of the progress like the living area ceiling and the porch as it was being laid out(and of course the help I had!)  :)
Doesn't this look helpful?!?

You need help mom...

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