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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jinxed myself!

Still want to try and get at this daily -- so silly me what do I do, get involved in working on the houses and let midnight slip on by me! lol Ah well, going to post this now to update on progress so far. Not only did I get 144 1 inch square tiles scored and stained last night, I also managed to get primer on the foundation for my Victorian... and drum roll please -- yes that's right have started with the drywall mud for a stone foundation. From looking at my inspiration houses they didn't use "normal" sized bricks, but apparently much larger stone hewn to distribute the weight of the house. While I won't be building the foundation out, it should hopefully look pretty accurate for the period.

For today, I'm still gluing all the parquet pieces in place for the main sitting area -- or in today's time what I suppose would be the living room. I've also settled on flooring for the kitchen, which will look more like marble. Still have yet to figure if I'll be doing parquet in a different pattern for the dining area or what will go in there. Don't know if I mentioned this previously but since the first floor is so open, I'm planning on making a couple of half walls to divide the kitchen and dining area. Just seems the house was let go for so long I'd really like to do right by it with this rehab. Have also gotten a couple of document frames at one of the local dollar stores. Reason being as I've learned from the Greenleaf forum members, the glass is easily cut to make new windows for the miniature houses. I like this idea a lot, because if you have small children playing with them the acetate windows get dirty fast. While these may still get dirty, they'll be a lot easier to clean.

Okay, thinking that's enough of an update for now. Glue should be set on the last two rows of tiles I just glued, just 10 more rows to go. Hopefully will update with a pic once the floor is completely glued down, varnidshed, sanded, etc...

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