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Monday, February 7, 2011

Flooring, flooring, and you guessed it more flooring

So, have about a third of the main room on the first floor done with parquet tiles glued in place. I've in all likelihood made this process harder on myself than needs be by "painting" woodglue on to the base and then placing my pieces on and holding two rows down at a time with a larger piece of wood and old college textbooks to weight them down... Once I get done gluing I will also be sanding theses down. Good tip: wipe the sawdust off don't blow it. When you wipe, the sawdust will help to fill any of the holes or cracks between tiles. Then it's a simple matter of sealing the floor, sanding, sealing again and sanding again with a finer grit paper, and repeat for a third time again moving to a finer grit sandpaper. My whole goal on this is so that I don't see any sign of the varnish other than the sheen...

While waiting on the last two rows I worked on to dry, I figured I may as well start laying out the design of the kitchen area floor. Which also meant I had to figure where it was I was going to put my divider walls for the dining area. Once I had figured that and marked the spot on the floor with pencil I then chose two colors of tile to put down. The tiles I used are the vinyl peel and stick floor tiles put out by Greenleaf. These are commercial grade, but they do suggest to use some added glue since there won't be anyone heavy enough walking on them to keep them down. As it is I used a light tan and a brown looking tile, which for being the first I've used these -- have to say I like how they've turned out.

For now though it's back to figuring what I'll be doing for the dining room floor area, and of course continuing to glue down the living area's floor. Btw, the pattern I chose for the living room floor is called a sawtooth pattern.. While the coloration of both photos today don't really show true to life, if I use the flash they'll both look all white. So all I ask is keep your fingers crossed that I can do this and get it to where I see it at in my mind(fingers crossed)...

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