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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Minis with a mini!

The roof looks white but was covered with what could only be described as ugly paint and bad attempts at grafitti....

Beginnings of a new rooftop patio...
Wasn't too sure how much time I would have to work on my minis today -- as one of my favorite minis is here for the weekend. However, in between making some fun hippy inspired acorn bowls for her dh, and painting some rocks we picked up in our travels today -- I was able to find time to start on my rooftop for the Victorian.
I've decided that I'm going to replace most of the trim that surrounded the top of the roof edge with some fencing. What I'm doing is taking some white painted metal fence, and drybrushing with both black and some green to give it a nice aged patina. I like the thought of wrought iron fencing to really make it look the true part of a widow's walk... Probably a bit romantic in notion, but it goes with the visions in my head for this house.  I am also going to do a slate patio for the rooftop. I rather figure since it's flat in design I was going to make it useful. What I would really love to do with this is cut a hole in it where the "attic room" goes, and make it like a trap door with a drop down ladder. Have yet to find hinges for the ladder part, so have been browsing various architectural digests to get some ideas brewing... Hopefully I'll be able to make something!

Also, went ahead and got a couple of pics of the ceilings I've been working on. Only problem with the pictures are the silvery paper -- it's actually embossed to look like individual tin tiles -- unfortunately that doesn't seem to show well in my pictures. : [ 

Another picture for today is the fabric I've decided I want to try and do for my dining room walls. Jo-Ann Fabrics has a great section in some of their larger stores you can get great samples for a buck or so. Last time I was in Columbus testing with the state I went a wee bit crazy in that section... On the bright side however I have a great eclectic variety of fabrics that aught to last me for a good bit of time... At least until the next time I come across a great deal like that again. lol

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