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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going to attempt this daily...

Hope everyone's been able to keep warm, as it's still chilled temps and windy here. However, cold temperatures not withstanding I still made it out to the shop today and brought in 4 more pieces of the Victorian styled house. These have had the interiors scraped of paint, sanded, and then smoothed. Hoping tonight I can use some of my wood filler to fill the screw holes from some hinges that were put in but completely pointless since the house was glued together... I'm learning though not to question any farther than "What the h*ll were they thinking?!?" lol

I've decided, or rather the house is telling me it wants to be done in an Italianate Victorian style. As opposed to going paint shopping(which can be dangerous for me, very costly) I decided to go through what I had on hand. Was thinking I wanted the main shell to be done in a sage green, what I've come up with is a color called India Green. Most of these styled houses I've seen with quite a few colors, so wanted to make sure if I go with this theme I can be true to the architecture(more on this in a minute) as well as colors. Therefore I will be using an Antique White(more of an ivory color) for the main trim pieces -- and then accent colors will be a burgundy shade, darker green, and an antique gold(darker yellow). Hoping that it will look good when done, have yet to even contemplate color schemes for the inside...

As far as the architecture, what I have noticed with this kit is the corbels that came with it are incredibly plain and simple, and rather thick for the house(1/2" or 6" in rl standards). Sooo, decided to make some new ones myself! I now have 8 new corbels with a bit more in detail on them, and will be cutting these in half(1/4" or 3" in rl) to match up as paired corbels seen more often on these houses.

Have also decided to try my hand at making some patterned parquet floors. I'll be using Greenleaf wood tiles for this, and attempting to customize them just a bit. Seems to me that for those that have looked, most places that sell the wood flooring options for dollhouses make a killing on the prices. Myself, figure I'm ingenious enough to make my own more cost effective option. Will post more on this tomorrow if it works.

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