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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain rain go away...

The simple thought going through my mind basically all day. The rain rather puts a damper on my painting, personal preference there but I don't like painting with lots of humidity. Seems more often than not when I do, there are issues...  :(

Instead for the day, after doing work related testing etc... Decided to work on the trim pieces that came with the house. It seems to me that three different types of glue were used on the house. Evidently whomever used the carpenter's glue felt the need to paint it over the paint to really get a unique look.. At least I can say it made as much sense to me seeing all the glue and scraping it off, as it did when I scraped off more fabric paint -- lots of sparkles in that stuff! lol

Ended up making several replacement pieces from strip wood, due to the simple matter that there were a couple of pieces between ugly paint and tons of glue -- I really just didn't want to waste my time. So strip wood was brought out, and I now have virgin wood untouched by fools and their messes. Might sound harsh, but trust me, it's not...

Other things I'm thinking of attempting tonight... Since I've the main structural pieces inside now and primed, thinking I'm going to do a quick dryfit to figure out how I want to make my dividing walls for the dining area and kitchen. Also, if I'm going to do that on the second or third floor at all... If you haven't caught on, the more I think the more work I seem to make for myself. lol Also, should be getting my veneer sample packs and free paint sample from Valspar tomorrow(at least fingers are crossed they come!) Which would mean after splitting the veneer down into usable strips I could start on more flooring -- and yeah, oddly enough I'm grinning like a loon as I type this thinking of that possibility. lol

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