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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well... Better late than never!

Okay, so wasn't feeling great throughout the day, but after dragging through most of it(and yes yesterday was the day I picked up the infamous Fernbrook kit) I figured I'd best take care of a post. So as stated, went and picked up the kit from a wonderfully kind lady in Marietta. Got to meet her two girls(Holly a golden lab) and Lucy(a Jack Russel/Beagle mix) who both were quite helpful in going over the contents with us to make sure it was all there. I can say easily if this would have been my first kit to put together I would have gotten scared as well... Thankfully it isn't! heeheeheehee  ;)

So, besides the simple matter I've made myself promise not to start working on it until I get another house done I also want to make sure I don't spread what little talent I feel I have and gyp one of the houses I already have going. A lot of miniaturists will say that their houses speak to them and let them know what it is they want to become. I firmly believe this as well, consider them more than just a kit -- more so like a canvas waiting to have life breathed into it like a canvas awaiting that first stroke from a paint brush... There is something somewhat magical in knowing that you have a hand in helping it to become what it's meant to!
In stating this I want to post a link to another miniaturist's blog, Doreen is giving away little bouquets of flowers for hitting the 300 followers mark, and if you would like to visit her site it is here. I rather like this idea of thanks to help make another person's house more of a home... Something to ponder on if this happens to take off at all. For now I'm going to post a pic or two of the kit I picked up today, and go attempt to sand the Victorian's floor in the living room again. Sanded it once to smooth the tiles down, and also did a little bit of wood putty for what the sawdust didn't take care of. After this it will be the first coat of varnish, and then yuppers you guessed it -- more sanding! Good thing I've actually started to like that step...

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